Jennifer Kaylo Ruscin guides retailers to be the hero and navigate the industry’s biggest B2B challenges online and offline.


Influencers and entrepreneurs like Gary Vee often tout a singular strategy — hustle until you make it. If you think you’re working hard, you’re not. If you don’t think you can work any harder, you can.

There’s something to be said for the value of a strong work ethic and putting your nose to the grindstone — but that work shouldn’t come at the expense of your well-being or your ability to take a breath, look at a problem, and innovate a solution.

On this episode of MarketScale’s Bricks and Clicks, host Jennifer Kaylo Ruscin and guest Allyson Twiggs Dyer, owner of The Twiggs Group, tackle the difficult topic of rejecting the hustle for your own good. Often, making that decision can actually result in greater productivity.

By the end of this podcast, you’re going to be filled with hope, have permission to fully step into your greatness, be empowered to say “no,” and more.

Some quick tips:

  • Say No — If you can’t do your best work or absolutely don’t have time to tackle a project, don’t. If everything is urgent, nothing is.
  • Prioritize You — Understand yourself and how you work best. Don’t try to conform to someone else’s schedule or priorities.
  • Set Boundaries — Make it clear where you draw the line, and uphold those boundaries.
  • Avoid “pick your brain” meetings you aren’t committed to or that don’t feel productive.
  • Keep space open for the big projects, but don’t overload on any one task.
  • Don’t ever be too busy to dream and innovate!

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