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Rising Care Costs Drive Cloud-Based MedTech Adoption

cloud-based medtech healthcare facility management
The cost of U.S. healthcare, which is expected to rise over the next three years according to research from Willis Towers Watson, is pushing care providers to look strategic solutions Read more


Adapting the SLR Magic of Anamorphic Filmmaking to the Panasonic Lumix Ecosystem Creates Endless Filmmaking Possibilities
March 24, 2023

The Panasonic Lumix System revolutionized independent filmmaking through the convergence of a handheld DSLR style body, larger than video camera sensors for a narrow depth of field, and the versatility and utility of interchangeable lenses.  By being mirrorless and with the use of adapters, a broad gamut of vintage and modern lenses became available for […]

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gap between the real world and the metaverse
AV is Bridging the Gap Between the Real World and the Metaverse at Industry Conferences
March 24, 2023

How is AV helping bridge the gap between the real world and the metaverse? Some of the best examples can be seen in the midst of large-scale trade shows and industry events. For example, ETHDenver, an annual blockchain conference held in Denver, Colorado, hosts more than 20,000 technologists every year to innovate and develop […]

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Why Authentic Content Should Be at the Forefront of Your Company’s Marketing Strategy
March 24, 2023

Media today is the most powerful it’s ever been, and with the introduction of new channels to consume it daily, the consumer can become easily overwhelmed with a plethora of choices. How does your channel stand out? Authentic media might be the clickbait. With the likes of TikTok, YouTube, and streaming services like Spotify, […]

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Rising Care Costs Drive Cloud-Based MedTech Adoption
December 7, 2022

The cost of U.S. healthcare, which is expected to rise over the next three years according to research from Willis Towers Watson, is pushing care providers to look strategic solutions that make care more efficient without sacrificing patient care outcomes. Cloud-based medtech appears to be gaining steam to help meet patient demand and insulate against […]

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Enabling Enterprise Voice in Zoom and Microsoft Teams
August 13, 2021

The past year has forced enterprises to find new ways to connect and collaborate, and solutions like Microsoft Teams and Zoom have stepped to the forefront to help them do just that. However, now that reopening has commenced and the future of work is becoming clearer, it’s critical that organizations shore up their capabilities […]

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The Playbook for Tackling Enterprise Cloud Security
August 12, 2021

On this episode of Fiberside Chat, a 3-GIS podcast, host Daniel Litwin and guests Damion Harrylal, 3-GIS Solutions Engineer, and Keith Mokris, Director of Product Marketing for Prisma Cloud at Palo Alto Networks, got right to the point. In the post-pandemic era, companies are operating in a landscape featuring more cybersecurity risk than ever […]

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Getting to Know ENTOUCH
March 26, 2021

To kick off this premiere episode of In Touch with ENTOUCH, Jon Bolen, CEO of ENTOUCH, and Todd Brinegar, EVP, Sales and Marketing at ENTOUCH, spoke about the company, its history, its goals and the differentiators that set it apart in the marketplace. Bolen spent the better part of his career working within the multi-site […]

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3 Keys to Success for Using Cloud Solutions in Higher Ed
February 4, 2021

Like a wide range of industries, higher education institutions have adopted cloud solutions that offer a variety of immediate and longer-term benefits specific to the needs of universities and colleges. Cloud computing is especially effective in supporting content services platforms that aggregate documents and information across multiple repositories to connect disparate applications. Content services are […]

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3 School Security Technologies that can Mitigate Health and Safety Risks
January 7, 2021

In a global crisis, one key area organizations should consider evaluating is their security strategies, policies, and procedures. Existing security systems and new innovations can help mitigate risks during future crises and, in the case of the COVID-19 pandemic, help reduce the spread of germs. For many districts, school security systems can help establish safer […]

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5 Reasons to Shift from Traditional IT Storage to Object Storage As-A-Service
December 16, 2020

Is object storage as a service (STaaS) transforming traditional IT storage methods? If so, what are the benefits for organizations to make the switch? Mike Lamb, Product Manager for Solution Infrastructure at ViON, Paul Speciale, Chief Product Officer for Scality and Ronak Chokshi, Product Marketing Manager for Hewlett Packard Enterprise, provided several reasons to consider […]

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Fiberside Chat: The Evolution of GIS in the Telecom Industry
July 10, 2020

Fifteen years ago, the role of GIS in telecommunications networks was somewhat limited. Still, Michael Measels, VP Product Management, 3-GIS, and Patrick Huls, Senior Solutions Engineer at Esri, believe it’s a much different story. The migration from desktop-based to web-based operations took its time, but now the telecom world is ready to adapt cloud-based […]

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Key Considerations for Deploying a Hybrid, Multi-Cloud for Public Sector Organizations
October 24, 2019

Justin Ciaccio, Director of Sales at ViON Corporation, joined this episode of the Software and Technology Podcast to discuss the strategic shift public sector organizations have been going through in terms of moving their services and data storage needs to the cloud. Ciaccio’s role at ViON is to help educate customers on the totality […]

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