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Unpacking Wellbeing in the Workplace

Unpacking Wellbeing
 Wellbeing is a vague term that is thrown out often, but why is it important? The CDC states that greater wellbeing levels are associated with “decreased risk of disease, illness, Read more


navigating healthcare’s competitive landscape
From Athlete To Executive: Navigating Healthcare’s Competitive Landscape
September 28, 2023

Navigating healthcare’s competitive landscape requires innovative solutions addressing care quality and affordability. CapExpert is a game-changer in outpatient healthcare. It enhances asset management, ensuring the best care for patients. Luke Johnson, Co-Founder and CEO of CapExpert, spoke with Highway to Health’s David Kemp on how CapExpert enhances asset management, bridging visibility gaps and streamlining […]

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How do Noise-Canceling Microphones Work?
September 28, 2023

Have you ever wondered how noise-canceling microphones work? This brief product video from Icom provides the answer. Icom’s advanced F7000 Series P25 radios, along with select IDAS models like the F3400D boast cutting-edge noise-canceling microphone technology. Icom achieves noise canceling through the AMBE+2 vocoder, distinguishing between speech and background noise, converting the former into […]

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GSOC/CSOC experts
The SOC Landscape is Seeing a Gradual Change as Professionals Pivot from GSOC to CSOC
September 27, 2023

Professionals from the GSOC environment are moving over to the CSOC landscape, and this is a very noticeable change and sign of the SOC industry’s evolution. The transition unveils an unprecedented layer of similarities and experiences, clarified by the willingness to be the learner in the room. As the world moves toward navigating […]

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Unpacking Wellbeing in the Workplace
May 22, 2023

Wellbeing is a vague term that is thrown out often, but why is it important? The CDC states that greater wellbeing levels are associated with “decreased risk of disease, illness, and injury; better immune functioning; speedier recovery; and increased longevity” and that greater wellbeing levels are associated with improved work productivity. So, given the inherent […]

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Overcoming Imposter Syndrome: How Event Marketers Can Empower Their True Potential
August 22, 2022

Overcoming imposter syndrome was part of Courtney Stanley when she made a bold shift in her career at the end of 2019 and early 2020. She decided to pursue the path of entrepreneurship. She is a keynote speaker, event emcee, podcaster, and coach. Her humility is personable, and her approach is empowering. “It’s important to […]

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Accelerating Digital Transformation during the Pandemic
March 31, 2022

In year three of the pandemic, most of the world is settling into a “new normal.” What this new normal will ultimately look like is still to be determined. The one thing that virtually everyone can agree on is that the COVID-19 pandemic has permanently altered work expectations for the foreseeable future. Justin Honore, […]

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Balancing Work, Life and Networking in Today’s Job World
December 2, 2021

Hosts Tyler Kern and Greg Crumpton welcome Sarah Clark Hopfer, Geographic Marketer at Dixon Hughes Goodman, who has known Crumpton for a long time. The pair met at a Thanksgiving dinner and have since become friends who happen to work together. Crumpton was impressed with Hopfer’s ingenuity, and he started recruiting her for his […]

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Will Flexible Work be a Permanent Part of the Retail Landscape?
July 13, 2021

Designed for retail leaders and lovers alike, Retail Refined explores the in-store technology of the future, challenges the industry’s preconceived notions, and brings together retail’s biggest names to understand the brand strategies that will define the next decade in retail.   Flexible work schedules and work-life balance were a thing before the pandemic, but COVID-19 accelerated the […]

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65% of Employees w/ Remote Learning Children Burnt Out
November 3, 2020

With the vast majority of schools across the U.S. continuing to offer distance learning as their only student instructional model during the COVID-19 pandemic, working parents are feeling the pain. A new national poll of the U.S. workforce indicates that 65 percent of employees with children in remote learning situations are feeling burnout. Even for workers without […]

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How to Prevent Physician Burnout
January 28, 2020

Though we live in an age where modern medicine and the technology surrounding its delivery are more advanced than ever before, that innovation has come at a price – physicians are experiencing tremendous burnout. Whether from excessive clerical work, elevated standards, pressure to perform and more, physicians are faltering and failing to achieve recovery and […]

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