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Deconstruction: The Comprehensive Role for Quality Control in Project Planning and Implementation

Jon Herring, the Quality Control Director at VCC, joins Gabrielle Bejarano in this episode to discuss the role of quality control at VCC and how substitutions in supplies create complications. The VCC’s Total Quality Management (TQM) department starts by assessing risk on jobs. TQM ensures the plan is in place and its key players understand […]

Deconstruction: The Importance of Design in Pre-Construction

Design plays a critical role in the pre-construction phase of a project. At VCC, their In-House Design and Construction Integration team gets involved in all projects from start to finish. Donn Calaway, Chief Design Officer at VCC, heads up the design and construction integration group. He sat down with Gabrielle Bejarano to talk about some […]

Deconstruction with VCC: Field Safety Leadership and Behavior Change Management

  “Behavior change occurs when workers do the safe and right things without having to think about it.” Changing the behavior or mindsets of employees is one of the most challenging aspects of any workplace. That’s even more so in construction because a failure to change can lead to unsafe conditions and even injury. So, […]

Deconstruction with VCC: Field Safety Leadership and Task Hazard Analysis

Task hazard analysis should be completed by the people doing the work in the field. They’ll notice the hazards and observe the risk.” Construction job sites are full of hazards. That’s the nature of the industry; however, that doesn’t mean that these risks are inevitable. Through task hazard analysis, construction leaders can be more proactive […]

Deconstruction with VCC: The Foundational Considerations of Good Field Safety Leadership

  “We expect that someone can do the job they were hired to do, but we need to always get all workers up to speed on safety topics.” In any project or initiative, those leading it set the tone. When expectations are unclear, or leadership doesn’t set them, failures can happen. And that’s not what […]

Deconstruction: A Breakdown of the Pre-Construction Process  

VCC Construction’s Taylor Marsalis, Director of Pre-construction, joined host Tyler Kern in the studio to dive into pre-construction processes. Everything from the pre-construction process to the various challenges and navigating current construction market conditions was up for discussion. “Pre-construction is the events that take place up to the actual groundbreaking of the construction part of […]

How Are Modern City Centers Evolving to Suit Hybrid Desires?

How has the modern city center evolved from those of the past? On this inaugural episode of Deconstruction, a VCC podcast, host Ben Thomas and Derek Alley, CEO of VCC, break down the modern city center and what it takes to plan, build and maintain it. According to Alley, the term city center would have […]