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Not Your Father’s Data Center: The Ins and Outs of Financing Digital Infrastructure

  Digital infrastructure is a common term in the data center industry, but it wasn’t always. So, how did the industry evolve to the notion that technology is infrastructure? It’s been a long journey, buoyed by investment. To talk about the financial aspect of data centers, host Raymond Hawkins spoke with Irtiaz Ahmad, Head of […]

Concrete Innovations at Compass Datacenters

  Nancy Novak, Chief Innovation Officer, Compass Datacenters is a firm believer that innovation comes in different forms, and she knows it’s people, processes and systems that drive innovations. Those three key focuses drive Novak’s work at Compass Datacenters, and she opened up to host Raymond Hawkins about some of the exciting innovations happening at […]

A 2020 Year in Review on Digital Strategy Trends

  Haynes Strader, Vice President of Data Center Solutions, CBRE, returned to Not Your Father’s Data Center for a look back and assessment of one of the craziest years in recent memory. To summarize the market during the pandemic, Strader said, “CBRE had a really busy first quarter, and then, in March, we saw a […]

A Career Path for Veterans in the Data Center Industry

  Lee Kirby, Cofounder and Chairman of Salute Mission Critical, wanted to use his 36 years of military experience to help veterans and their families. Drawing upon 30 years of information systems, strategic business development, planning and human resource experience in private and public sectors, Kirby began Salute Mission Critical. Salute’s mission is to provide […]

The Data Center Outlook for the European Market

  To get a perspective on how the data center industry is faring in European markets during the pandemic, host Raymond Hawkins tapped Andrew Jay, Head of EMEA Data Centre Solutions, Advisory & Transaction Services for CBRE, to help him unpack what’s happening. The need for co-location space is growing in Europe, as demands for […]

Adventures in Technology with DCD’s Peter Judge (Part 2)

  In the second half of a two-part discussion on technology, Peter Judge, Global Editor for DatacenterDynamics, and host Raymond Hawkins turned their attention on the data center industry, the impact technology advancements have on it and the evolving role of the DatacenterDynamics’ publication. One of the cornerstones of DatacenterDynamics’ success is its events, which […]

Adventures in Technology with DCD’s Peter Judge (Part 1)

  Peter Judge may have started his education journey with a degree in physics from Cambridge University, but most will know him from his work as a writer in the technology space. His current role is as the Global Editor for DataCenterDynamics, and he shared his experience and thoughts on technology and datacenters with Raymond […]

Sustainability is More than Green Power

  As governments and corporations look for ways to reduce their carbon footprint, Eric Dunford, Director of Sustainability for CarbonCure, knows of a solution to help these entities meet their needs when it comes to construction projects. Dunford joined host Raymond Hawkins to talk about CarbonCure’s process for introducing recycled CO2 Into fresh concrete to […]

Necessity is the Mother of Innovation

  With data centers going up quickly all over the country, quality control and the commissioning process are vital steps to making sure everything is getting done correctly. Yet the typically high-touch process has been complicated by social distancing regulations and other health precautions that are part of doing business during the COVID-19 pandemic. When […]

Why Water Use Can Be As Important As Energy Consumption

  When choosing a location, data centers often look for a location close to their end customers and one where there’s cheap electricity. Water was an afterthought, said Pedro Sancha, Senior Vice President and General Manager of Nalco Water, but that’s beginning to change. With water needed to cool the data center, companies were bringing […]

The Myth of Data Center Inefficiency

  With their constantly whirring server fans and enormous cooling systems in cavernous buildings, data centers seem to be sucking up a lot of energy and contributing more than their fair share to climate change. But are they? Dr. Eric Masanet and several colleagues decided to put it to the test. What they found is […]

The Edge & Re-Architecting the Network

  The United States’ internet has been put to the test over the last six weeks, as almost the entire country has moved to streaming, learning and communicating from one wireless network. This increase in data need begs the question – what will our Internet look like as we move into a connected future post-pandemic? […]

Keep Cool with Data Center Heat Recovery Strategies

  Pedro Matser started KyotoCooling some 15 years ago when he and his colleagues were asked by a data and telecommunications center in the Netherlands to find a more efficient process. “We sat down with a group of people to come up with an energy-efficient solution,” Matser said on this episode of Not Your Father’s Data […]

The Data Center 2020 Bounce-Back

  On this episode of the Not Your Father’s Data Center podcast, guests Buddy Rizer and Dave Liggett join host Raymond Hawkins to look ahead to 2020. Rizer has been in the data center business since the beginning. Before he took the leap, Rizer took time to get to know the industry, then filled the […]

What’s Happening with Cloud Computing in 2020?

  Cloud computing appeared to experience a bit of a lull in the market in 2019. Raymond Hawkins, the host of Not Your Father’s Data Center and Chief Revenue Officer for Compass Datacenters, noted that the apparent 2019 lull came after a robust year in 2018. There are two primary questions that come from this […]