Where Influencer Marketing is Providing the Most Value

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Influencer marketing allows brands to tap into engaged audiences in a really organic way. Because of this, influencers have been on top of the world for the past few years, as have the brands standing alongside them. Once COVID-19 took hold, it’s impact rippled through the influencer community, affecting many influencers and the brands they partnered with.

According to Alessandro Bogliari, Co-Founder & CEO of The Influencer Marketing Factory, travel influencers were hit the hardest due to their inability to travel and create the globe trotting content they’re known for. That being said, Bogliari found some influencers benefited from their followers staying home, “That’s because if you think about it, a lot of people actually spend more time on their phones,” Bolgiari said.

The Influencer Marketing Factory is on the cutting edge of content marketing, creating authentic, scalable and ROI-oriented social media influencer campaigns for brands on social media networks, including TikTok, one of the biggest quarantine trends to arise. Bolgiari encourages influencers to take advantage of this unique time period by testing out new platforms like TikTok and hosting live streams on Instagram while more and more people are staying home and looking for entertainment.

With the economic struggles some brands are facing, many expected the influencer industry to take a massive hit, but Bogliari has seen great potential for brands and influencers to collaborate during this unprecedented time, “We actually saw that a lot of people, products, apps, and services used this time to connect even more. They wanted to have influencers to say, we are all together in this difficult time, instead of trying to sell as a business in a traditional [and a bit of] a cold way.”

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