How a TikTok Superstar and a Renowned Tech Entrepreneur Aim to Change the Creator Economy Forever


Web 3.0. The Metaverse. Monetization. Innovators & creators are excited, primed, and ready to take advantage of today’s technology. Still, the platforms that make content happen have the upper hand. One company, Joystick, aims to change all that. Michael Le and Robin DeFay, the Co-Founders of Joystick, joined Ben Thomas to cut through the complexities and demonstrate how easy it can be or should be for people to take advantage of the opportunities these technologies possess.

Michael Le is a 22-year-old TikTok superstar and lifelong gamer. He is focused on innovation and loves discovering the next big thing. “When I saw the opportunity the internet and social media had for people to be able to follow their passions and make a career out of it, a lot of people were against it because it was something they weren’t aware of or understand fully. For me, I felt there was untapped potential.” Le believes the same explosion for growth that TikTok experienced he sees happening with Web 3 and gaming.

Gaming as a revenue stream is a proven model already, and Le and DeFay see unlimited growth potential. Their goal: break down the barriers for players in gaming and esports to allow anyone in the world to earn money, and make themselves a brand and a business for themselves utilizing Joystick.

Through a rental model, Joystick can acquire masses of assets in all the best and most popular games and let players rent them for a low, flat fee while keeping 100% of the revenue they generate. “So, it is better for the player, and it gives them more to build a foundation on top of; it’s a much more predictable revenue model for us as a business,” DeFay said. “And it’s also much easier to manage at scale.”

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