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Creating a digital experience for a consumer is essential but an often overlooked aspect of retail. Business owners are constantly trying to figure out how to break through the noise. Laura Davis-Taylor, the Chief Strategy Officer for InReality, talks with Retail Refined host Melissa Gonzalez about digital strategy, shopper marketing, and consumer product goods in retail, especially in the age of COVID-19.

Davis-Taylor talked about her role at InReality and what they do. She has been focused on creating meaningful digital experiences that bridge home, life, and store for over 25 years, both as a consultant and within the walls of the most lauded global agencies.

“Because how do you do optimization and how do you make sure something’s working if you don’t have analytics pumping at every single point of engagement.” – Laura Davis-Taylor

InReality is an open platform that leverages IoT sensor data to make venues safer and more intelligent. Using a combination of digital signage, displays, category refreshes, and temp pop-ups, they get the data in front of customers. Once they have this data, they refine retail experiences through media and staff optimization, zone/display optimization, omnichannel optimization, and innovation concept optimization. Davis-Taylor noted the importance of gathering this data.

“Because how do you do optimization and how do you make sure something’s working if you don’t have analytics pumping at every single point of engagement,” Davis-Taylor said.

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