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Getting consumers to stay means providing quality product and quality rewards. Andrew Forman, CEO and Founder of, a donation-driven marketing tool, sits down with host Christine Russo to discuss the story behind Givz and how his product is shaping the retail and ecommerce market.

There are current trends in retail.

  1. Brands are moving away from discounts but need to find a way to continue driving sales
  2. Consumers are demanding purpose-driven activity specific to each individual shopper

To meet those trends, Forman said, “Givz sits at the nexus of those two trends, allowing brands to convert discounts into donations and run what we’re calling donation-based incentives.”

Givz works by allowing the retailer to book the full amount of revenue while providing incentive post-purchase. “When you give a 20% discount, you’re losing 20% of your revenue. In this case, you’re getting the full amount of revenue,” said Forman. After purchasing, the customer can choose their charity of choice and donate to that charity through their purchase.

“The brand only pays for the people that actually follow through and go through with choosing their charity,” he continued.

The donation code itself is only valid for 14 days but customers do receive two reminder emails, once within 24 hours and once after 10 days, to use their code. With over 250,000 different charities, Givz has a plethora of charities to choose from and their impact is undeniable.

Over the course of Black Friday Weekend in 2021, “$60,000 went to real charities here in the United States, over 600 charities were supported,” stated Forman.

Givz works with companies such as H&M, Tervis, and Smile Direct Club and avoids decreasing conversion by using drop-down banners and PDP inserts through their Shopify app.

Brands can also use Givz through implementing an API I-frame on the web page or simply by sending an email.

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