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The Cost of High-End Sports Fan Experiential Packages: Will It Price Out the Average Fan

fan experiential packages
  The million-dollar question for sports teams in the present time is how to provide a premium experience without breaking the bank for fans! Sports teams are looking for ways Read more


Identifying Lightning Damage on Pecan Trees
Identifying Lightning Damage on Pecan Trees: Tips from TreeNewal
June 7, 2023

Join ISA Certified Arborist Wes Rivers from TreeNewal as he examines the aftermath of lightning damage on a pecan tree. In this insightful video, Wes highlights the path taken by the lightning bolt through the tree, causing superheating of the water inside. The resulting vapor expansion creates visible damage to the tree. The tree’s survival […]

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Health Plan
Transforming Coverage to Meet Healthcare Needs with SCAN Health Plan
June 7, 2023

John Petito, SVP of Transformation at SCAN Health Plan joins the podcast to share his story and how his work is helping enable new types of healthcare coverage for diverse populations. Join us to hear how Health Plans are beginning to evolve their approach to addressing the needs of older adults and the LGBTQ+ community […]

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Finding your identity
Finding Your Identity with Dustin Odham
June 6, 2023

In an era where screens dominate our time, finding your personal identity becomes a challenge. Our generation is shaping itself based on an increasingly virtual world, often losing touch with the inner self. In fact, a recent study suggests that we could end up spending at least ten years of our life in front of […]

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The Cost of High-End Sports Fan Experiential Packages: Will It Price Out the Average Fan
March 20, 2023

The million-dollar question for sports teams in the present time is how to provide a premium experience without breaking the bank for fans! Sports teams are looking for ways to enhance the fan experience and increase revenue through fan experiential packages. Although the idea of a VIP experience may sound appealing, it begs the […]

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Introducing “What Just Happened?” with Christine Russo
April 21, 2022

Join Christine Russo, a leading industry analyst, in her discussions with leaders in retail, technology, innovation, metaverse and more.   Getting consumers to stay means providing quality product and quality rewards. Andrew Forman, CEO and Founder of, a donation-driven marketing tool, sits down with host Christine Russo to discuss the story behind Givz and […]

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Machine Learning is the Panacea the Holiday Supply Chain Needs
December 17, 2021

With the holidays officially in full swing and consumers locking in their last-minute shopping needs, the dreaded continuous disruption of the global supply chain comes into acute focus. The impact has been severe, to put it lightly. Gap, for example, reported a loss of $300 million in sales going into November 2021, blaming COVID-related factory […]

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What’s Driving Renewed Growth Among Toymaking Giants?
August 9, 2021

Last year was a rough one for the toy industry, and juggernauts like Mattel and Hasbro were no exception. However, with Q2 revenue released, both of those toymaking giants outperformed forecasts and showed resilience and growth as they attempt to rebound from that rocky 2020. So, what’s driving this growth? Will it last? How […]

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How Will Airlines Keep Up The Momentum With an Uptick In Travel? 
August 4, 2021

“Really key in on that opportunity for the folks that have children to make it a really fun experience for the kids.” With the economy opening back up, things are looking good for airlines. In late July, American Airlines and Southwest Airlines posted their quarterly numbers, with both reporting profits, supported by a return of […]

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Helping Healthcare Organizations Detect Anomalies
May 3, 2021

Christina Cussimanio is the Vice President of Marketing and Growth at Hayes MDaudit, and she shared her insights about healthcare IT and revenue, integrity and risk intelligence. “What does that mean? Well, MDaudit is an auditing solution that enables billing, compliance and revenue cycle and revenue integrity departments and teams in both the professional and […]

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What Hotel Markets are Currently Seeing the Most Revenue Success?
September 24, 2020

On this week’s episode of Say Yes to Travel, we got to sit down with Jonathan Capps, Vice President of Revenue, and Gavin Royster, Director of Development, at Charlestowne Hotels. They provided some great insight regarding revenue and development strategies both in the current climate and as we move past this unprecedented period into a […]

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3 Ways to Increase Revenue
September 17, 2020

2020 has been a chaotic year, to say the least. For Jennifer Ruscin, host of Bricks & Clicks, navigating this year has cemented a practice in taking care of herself, something that has proven imperative to maintaining a healthy grasp of herself, her company, and her family. The effects of self-care are far-reaching, rippling […]

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How Solar Power Brings Benefits to Commercial Roofs
June 2, 2020

Solar power, particularly on the roofs of commercial buildings, is obviously a way to promote sustainability – but what other benefits and incentives exist for companies looking to make the switch? On this episode of Rook Talks, a Fortis Warranty podcast, New Columbia Solar CEO Mike Healy joined Voice of B2B Daniel Litwin to […]

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