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Want to Support and Encourage More Women in Tech? Focus on Company Culture and Equity in Hiring

Women in tech
  Late last year, a problematic statistic came to light: Over 50% of women in tech reported experiencing sexual harassment, inequality or discrimination at some point during Read more


Rugged Edge Computing
Rugged Edge Computing for Tough Environments Follows Shift Away from the Cloud
March 31, 2023

At ISC West 2023, Premio showcases how Rugged Edge Computing can easily stand up to the toughest industrial workloads in the harshest environments without missing a beat. Many trends are shaping the modern security market with a strong focus on rugged hardware such as smart sensors. There is a shift away from the cloud […]

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DTC brands
DTC Brands Struggle to Adapt With 2023 Consumers: Brand Trust and Flexibility is Necessary
March 31, 2023

Selling directly to the consumer buying your products can be incredibly profitable for a business, so why don’t all businesses sell directly to consumers? The simple answer is that there are many risks and challenges that come with running a direct-to-consumer (DTC) business, and the risks do not always pay off. The success […]

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Voice AI
Voice AI: Changing the Sound of Restaurants and Transforming the Ordering Experience
March 31, 2023

Takeout and delivery are as much the fabric of restaurants today as a room full of diners. During the pandemic, many restaurants may not have made it out the other side without takeout and delivery services. Still, staffing shortages are a significant issue for most restaurants after the pandemic. Finding the balance between handling orders […]

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Want to Support and Encourage More Women in Tech? Focus on Company Culture and Equity in Hiring
March 21, 2023

Late last year, a problematic statistic came to light: Over 50% of women in tech reported experiencing sexual harassment, inequality or discrimination at some point during their work life. And with startup culture often being compared to college frat life, some believe that women may find it even harder to fit in. It seems […]

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Big-Tech Layoffs: Recession or Mismanagement?
November 18, 2022

“The recession is coming; the recession is coming! ” – Paul Revere, 2022 As whispers of a pending recession become louder and louder, it stands to reason these major layoffs in big-tech are a preemptive measure to keep companies afloat. So far, we’ve seen companies like Twitter, Amazon, Meta and more laying off, in […]

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How Flexible are Big Tech’s Hybrid Work Models?
July 13, 2021

Just over a year ago, Big Tech companies found themselves making the transition from a predominantly office-centric culture to fully remote. Now with the business world seeking to regain a sense of normalcy, Big Tech companies are beginning to change their tune on permanent work-from-home flexibility, as they decipher what range of hybrid work models […]

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Why Big Tech Sees Value in Healthcare Data
July 5, 2021

The COVID-19 pandemic hit just as many countries were finding their long-term stride around value-based care, one of the leading strategies for reimagining global health systems. Pushing up on ten years after the publication of the study, “The Strategy That Will Fix Healthcare,” we have a better picture of what is and isn’t working […]

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Australian Government Moves Forward with Making Tech Giants Pay News Publishers: Business Casual
August 4, 2020

Google and Facebook have been under increasing scrutiny for their power. Australia aims to confront that power head-on with a recent code drafted by the Australian Competition and Consumer Commission (ACCC). The draft forces the tech giants to pay Australian publishers in order to share their digital content. Powered by RedCircle Australia’s move aims to […]

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Greenpeace Report Puts Distance Between Big Tech and Big Oil: Business Casual
May 21, 2020

After Tuesday’s Greenpeace report highlighting how Google, Microsoft, and Amazon use AI and warehouse servers to support the location and retrieval of oil and gas deposits from the earth for the likes of Shell, BP, and ExxonMobil—helping big oil profit from climate destruction—a Google spokesperson unloaded a bombshell pledge, confirming that the company “will […]

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Australia Makes Big Tech Pay for News, Literally
April 23, 2020

On this Business Casual segment, hosts Tyler Kern and Daniel Litwin are joined by producer Taylor Bagley to highlight a shift in Australian media dynamics between legacy corporate media platforms, independent journalism, and Big Tech aggregators. Australian Treasurer Josh Frydenberg released plans to force major tech companies, like Google and Facebook, to pay media […]

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Unemployed Workforce Turns to Amazon, Gig Economy, and Grocers for Jobs: Business Casual
March 26, 2020

On this snippet from Business Casual, host Daniel Litwin paints a picture of the potentially massive spike in unemployment around the corner due to coronavirus. As more workers at small businesses or in service industries lose their jobs, large entities in our economy look to hire en masse: grocers, gig economy platforms, and ecommerce giants. […]

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White House Turns to Big Tech to Fight Coronavirus: Business Casual
March 18, 2020

On this episode of MarketScale’s Business Casual, hosts Tyler Kern and Voice of B2B Daniel Litwin discuss U.S. Chief Technology Officer Michael Kratsios’ remote conference call to some of the biggest players in tech, requesting their help in mapping out a response plan to the COVID-19 pandemic. So, what exactly is the White House […]

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