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Properly Optimizing Social Media Ad Campaigns Better Assists Businesses in Finding Potential Customers

dennis yu on Ad Campaigns
  Ad campaigns are very much an important aspect in the age of social media. With algorithm-driven platforms like these, the advertising landscape has taken on new Read more


navigating healthcare’s competitive landscape
From Athlete To Executive: Navigating Healthcare’s Competitive Landscape
September 28, 2023

Navigating healthcare’s competitive landscape requires innovative solutions addressing care quality and affordability. CapExpert is a game-changer in outpatient healthcare. It enhances asset management, ensuring the best care for patients. Luke Johnson, Co-Founder and CEO of CapExpert, spoke with Highway to Health’s David Kemp on how CapExpert enhances asset management, bridging visibility gaps and streamlining […]

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How do Noise-Canceling Microphones Work?
September 28, 2023

Have you ever wondered how noise-canceling microphones work? This brief product video from Icom provides the answer. Icom’s advanced F7000 Series P25 radios, along with select IDAS models like the F3400D boast cutting-edge noise-canceling microphone technology. Icom achieves noise canceling through the AMBE+2 vocoder, distinguishing between speech and background noise, converting the former into […]

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GSOC/CSOC experts
The SOC Landscape is Seeing a Gradual Change as Professionals Pivot from GSOC to CSOC
September 27, 2023

Professionals from the GSOC environment are moving over to the CSOC landscape, and this is a very noticeable change and sign of the SOC industry’s evolution. The transition unveils an unprecedented layer of similarities and experiences, clarified by the willingness to be the learner in the room. As the world moves toward navigating […]

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Properly Optimizing Social Media Ad Campaigns Better Assists Businesses in Finding Potential Customers
August 10, 2023

Ad campaigns are very much an important aspect in the age of social media. With algorithm-driven platforms like these, the advertising landscape has taken on new dimensions. From Facebook to Amazon, algorithms determine what we see, what we buy, and even what we like. Advertising has transformed from mere billboards and commercials into targeted, […]

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What Zuckerberg Got Wrong With the Metaverse
November 11, 2022

Dan Newman, Principal Analyst & Founding Partner, of Futurum Research gives his hot take on what Mark Zuckerberg got wrong with the launch of the Metaverse. Dan’s Thoughts: Mark Zuckerberg didn’t get much right this past year. The whole meta debacle was a big failure, but not because companies don’t need to make big bets. […]

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Is The World Ready to Step Into the Metaverse?
October 29, 2021

On Spatial Perspectives, host Dan Cui will have a one-on-one dialog with innovators and thought leaders in the growing Spatial Reality, or Spatial Computing, market. Cui will invite guests who can discuss the real world use cases of the technology and how it could benefit mankind while exploring any drawbacks and how they might be mitigated.   The internet […]

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Did Facebook’s Outage Validate the Need for a Decentralized Web 3.0?
October 15, 2021

Do we need a decentralized Web 3.0? We were witness this month to the longest outage in Facebook’s history since 2008, lasting a full six hours. That may not sound like much time, but when the impact is billions of users losing access to Facebook, Instagram, WhatsApp and Oculus, along with businesses losing out […]

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Is Social Media Disinformation an InfoSec Community Issue?
October 14, 2021

Key Points: Facebook is under fresh pressure around its business model, algorithms, and role in spreading misinformation. Recent NYU studies show “fake news” gets six times as much engagement than “credible” news sources on Facebook. Is the “fake news” fight only a structural one, or can users impact how social platforms spread disinformation by […]

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Evaluating the Real Cost of Social Media Outages
October 11, 2021

Key Points: You can’t fall in love with any platform that you don’t own. Be willing to be flexible on the channels that you use, find trending apps and see how you can apply the app to your business Still utilize email address, and newsletters because email won’t have outages and policy changes like […]

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Google’s US Employees May Receive a Pay Cut for Choosing to Work From Home
August 13, 2021

The BBC reports that Google employees in the United States who opt to permanently work from home may have their pay cut. Google currently has no plans to implement the policy in the U.K. According to the BBC, some Silicon Valley firms are experimenting with employee pay structures. Big tech companies including Microsoft, Facebook and […]

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Is Facebook’s Reputation Holding Back Its VR Efforts?
August 4, 2021

Whether you’re an integrator, a designer or simply a label-defying creative, the EXPERIENCE is everything. Host Bryan Meszaros explores the story behind the exhibit to understand how a carefully crafted experience traps into the human experience to connect people to place.   Facebook’s reputation has had a significant impact on consumers’ confidence in the platform’s […]

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Facebook Exec Predicts How We’ll Work 15 Years from Now
April 1, 2021

Andrew Bosworth, vice president at Facebook Reality Labs, predicts that in about 15 to 20 years, mobile phones could be replaced by more advanced VR technology. Bosworth speaks to Emily Chang on “Bloomberg Technology.” —   Host: So take me ahead than 10 years, do we all have? Do we all still have phones and […]

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