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How Retail Brands Can Embrace Authenticity, Accessibility and Inclusivity Across Generations

   Generation Z, better known as Gen Z, is the generation that is increasingly drawing more attention from brands and companies. With this in mind, brands are ensuring Read more


Forum Mobility’s Plans for 2023
January 26, 2023

Trucking is transporting goods by road using large vehicles, such as semi-trucks, tractor-trailers, and other commercial vehicles. The trucking industry plays a vital role in the economy by moving goods from manufacturers to retailers and consumers. Truck drivers are responsible for operating these vehicles and delivering goods on time and in good condition. Tune in […]

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clean energy wind turbines
Clean Energy Sets $1.1 Trillion Record That’s Bound to Be Broken
January 26, 2023

(Bloomberg) — Last year was a double milestone for decarbonizing the world’s energy system. It was the first year when investment in the energy transition equaled global investment in fossil fuels, according to the latest data release from clean energy research group BloombergNEF. The money flowing into the upstream, midstream and downstream segments of oil and gas, and […]

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American Airlines airplane in terminal
American Airlines Sees Profit Above Estimates on Steady Demand
January 26, 2023

(Bloomberg) — American Airlines Group Inc. expects profit this year to exceed estimates following a slow start, as steady demand for air travel keeps an industry recovery going into 2023. Full-year adjusted earnings will be $2.50 to $3.50 a share, the Fort Worth, Texas-based carrier said in a statement Thursday that also detailed fourth-quarter results. […]

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How Retail Brands Can Embrace Authenticity, Accessibility and Inclusivity Across Generations
November 8, 2022

Generation Z, better known as Gen Z, is the generation that is increasingly drawing more attention from brands and companies. With this in mind, brands are ensuring they are not only meeting the spending needs of Gen Z, but also addressing the social issues and concerns that they care about. As a demographic, their […]

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The Importance of Sustainable Fashion for Gen Z with Maya Penn
November 2, 2022

Generation Z likes their fashion to be sustainable. A Forbes Study found that 62% of Generation Z prefer to purchase from sustainable brands. And this generation is backing that pledge with their wallets—they are willing to pay more for ethically produced goods. Utilizing the powerful influencing tools of social media, Generation Z makes known […]

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Why Gen Z’s Collaboration With Retail Brands Will Fashion the Future
October 21, 2022

When the C-Suite needs to know the hot retail fashion trends, they check into the Z Suite. At the recent Retail Influencer CEO Forum featuring the Z Suite on September 12, 2022, C-suite retail and brand leaders came together to discuss this critical demographic with an exclusive network of diverse Gen Z voices. But […]

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Will Gen Z & Beyond Drive Crypto Acceptance for Travel?
August 19, 2021

Gen Z and the next generations are all digital natives. They have digital identities and transact in this way, so it only makes sense that they’ll adopt cryptocurrency. So, what does this look like in practice and in the realm of travel? Luke Kim, Head of Marketing at Dtravel, a blockchain technology home sharing […]

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Why is Gen Z Far More Open About Mental Health Issues?
August 18, 2021

Mental health is finally becoming a mainstream topic. It’s no longer a secret or a shame to have struggles. This openness is far more prevalent in Gen Z. According to the Stress in America Report, Gen Z is most likely to report mental health issues and seek treatment for them. Younger people have also […]

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Virtual College Fairs Are Here To Stay
March 23, 2021

Let’s face it. Some things aren’t going to go back to normal. That’s a good thing, according to Julio Ronchetti, CEO and Founder at NOVVA AI Technology, whose company’s platform is aiming to reinvent the college fair experience. In this episode, Julio describes how the pandemic has forced higher ed to comes to terms […]

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Gen Z May be Rejecting the Traditional College and Career Paths
August 21, 2020

Amidst a global pandemic, American teenagers remain steadfast in their belief that higher education plays a key role in their future success; however, the education and career paths they are planning to take after high school differ from previous generations. In fact, more than half are open to something other than a four-year degree and […]

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Aligning Today’s Multigenerational Workforce with the Future Skills Needed for Tomorrow’s Workplace
December 13, 2019

On this episode of MarketScale’s Education & Technology Podcast, the multigenerational workforce of today and the workplace skills of tomorrow were the topics of conversation. Joining the podcast were the founders of Hungry Workhorse, an e-learning partner of CYPHER LEARNING in the Phillipines, Kay Calpo Lugtu, COO, and Rey Lugtu, President and CEO. Their consulting firm helps […]

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Conversations from The EDGE: How to Encourage Gen Z to Embrace Skilled Trades
September 4, 2019

What’s the single most valuable skillset for a skilled tradesman? Surprise, it’s not 100 percent talent. Soft skills can be the secret ingredient for success in blue-collar trades, according to Josh Zolin, author of the book Blue Is the New White: The Best Path to Success No One Told You About and CEO of […]

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