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Technology is changing monitoring and control within industrial production. Tune in to hear from the experts at Red Lion Controls on how you can harness technology to empower your business.

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Remotely Access Your Serial & USB Industrial Device from Anywhere Using RLConnect24

    Out in the field, it can be hard to connect to remote devices, especially because of the complications that go into it. But it doesn’t have to be a problem if you have the right software that is easy to use and quick to solve the problem at hand. And it’s a solution […]

How the N-Tron®️ Series Ethernet Switches Protect a Network from Multicast Related Issues

How the N-Tron®️ Series Ethernet Switches Protect a Network from Multicast Related Issues

  Since the advent of the computer, many technological developments have later followed in helping improve how information and data is shared. Of course, in all its benefits, technology is not foolproof, and plenty issues have arisen as a result. Multicast, which is a communication method via ethernet, is a type of connection where data […]

Harvesting Automation & Process Data

Many plant floors have data issues caused by the sheer fact that they do not have up-to-date panel meters. Red Lion is here to change that. Jeff Thornton, Red Lion Product Manager, knows the importance of managing data. Thornton sits down with host Tyler Kern to discuss the future-forward automation and data processing systems, including […]

The Benefits of Working with an OEM

With over 45 years of experience, Red Lion Product Manager Jeff Thornton has extensive knowledge about the company and its products. Thornton sits down with host Tyler Kern to discuss the benefits of working with an OEM and Red Lion’s new product, the PM50. While traditional OEM’s come in many shapes and sizes, there’s always […]

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Why Managed Ethernet Switches Matter

  In this episode of The Lion’s Den, Tyler Kern spoke with returning guest Barry Turner, Technical Business Development Manager, and first-time guest Megha Agrawal, Technical Project Manager at Red Lion Controls about the importance of utilizing managed ethernet switches in network operations. This is an important aspect of Agrawal’s work. “At Red Lion, I […]

Remote Access Solutions for Industrial IoT

Industry 4.0 is more than a buzzword; it’s a solution that can resolve supply chain issues. A secure IIOT (Industrial Internet of Things) framework connected to an IoT (Internet of Things) framework already on a company’s network can improve business outcomes with the right solutions.  This week on the Lion’s Den, a podcast by Red […]

What is Your Layered Security Approach? A Look at Defense in Depth

Barry Turner, Technical Business Development Manager at Red Lion Controls, joined host Tyler Kern for a live discussion on secure remote access and the importance of companies developing solutions that ensure a higher frequency of cyberattacks doesn’t end in disaster. “Red Lion has been doing remote access for quite some time,” Turner said. “We just […]

The Impact of 5G on Factory Automation

  5G may still be in its infancy, but the industrial space is excited for the possibilities this technology may bring in terms of improvements in factory automation. Barry Turner, Technical Business Development Manager at Red Lion Controls, walked Tyler Kern through the current state of 5G and the future advantages of factory automation as adoption […]

Creating the Proper Alignment Between OT and IT

IT and OT. They didn’t always play nicely in the sandbox together, but times change, and so too the technology world. With the convergence of IT and OT becoming more normalized, companies must properly align their informational and operational technology systems. Barry Turner, Technical Business Development Manager at Red Lion, knows both worlds, and he […]

Past Events

Keeping Remote Access Secure with Defense in Depth

The Secure Remote Access Platform. Red Lion, the exclusive North American partner for MB connect line GmbH, has launched a next-generation remote access solution that meets the most demanding security requirements of modern industrial applications. The Secure Remote Access Platform centralizes the management of routers, allowing customers to quickly respond to and act on their […]

The Panel Meter Renaissance and What it Means for Your Data

If factories aren’t automating, they’re falling behind – and the 5G revolution is making more powerful automation more achievable than ever. In this live event from Red Lion, you’ll learn how to improve process controls and production throughput in your quest for new efficiencies and solutions.