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Bridging the Gap and Attracting Young Talent as Skilled Professionals Retire

  Some news sources say the “great resignation” is waning, with some quitters experiencing regret. Others cite the resignation as still intense, reporting trends like ‘quiet quitting.’ What is certain is that employees have changed over the pandemic. Companies have to shift with expectations. Traditional incentives of wages and benefits aren’t enough. Before the “Great […]

Unlocking Potential: How LED-UV Can Help Printers Alleviate Paper Shortage Pressures

A perfect storm hit the paper market leading to worldwide shortages. Sky-high prices and procurement challenges, coupled with long-lead times for supplies, pose myriad issues. How can printers rise to the occasion? Unlocking Potential’s Tyler Kern reached out to some experts for advice. Thomas Torp, CEO of Grakom, Jonathan Fore, Commercial Lead, AMS, Spectral UV, […]

Unlocking Potential: Precision Spray is the Key to Sustainable Finishing

The textile industry’s history is tainted with a reputation of environmental pollution and waste. But as the industry moves towards a more sustainable future, Baldwin Technology champions that cause with solutions that can make sustainability a reality. Baldwin assists textile manufacturers, brands, and retailers in reaching their sustainability goals and enabling them to be responsible […]

Automatic Cleaning Systems and Consumables in Printing and Manufacturing Settings

  Printers and manufacturers worldwide use automatic cleaning systems to optimize productivity, worker safety and quality while decreasing their impact on the environment’s cleaning process. The innovations in cleaning technology and the consumables used in the process deliver ever-advancing value and advantages in these competitive environments. Baldwin Technology brings more than 30 years of experience […]

The Future of 100% Inspection and What It Means for the Printing Industry

John Cusack, Business Development Manager for Defect Detection Systems at Baldwin Vision Systems, talked about the future of 100% inspection in the printing industry. Cusack’s involvement in the inspection world dates back 20 years. With 100% inspection technology commonplace in today’s printing industry, the question on host Tyler Kern’s mind was if this technology had […]

Rising Demand Requires Efficient Corrugated Press Solutions

Corrugated production is in high demand. As operators look to become more productive and efficient, they need new solutions. Discussing the industry and innovation, Unlocking Potential featured Baldwin Technology sales leaders Lee Simmons and Myles Le-Monte Shepherd. Simmons said that long-lasting partnerships with customers are the source of much innovation. “We want to make the press operator’s […]

Unlocking Potential: Innovations in LED-UV Curing for Industrial Applications.

AMS Spectral UV, a Baldwin Technology Company, manufactures high-power and versatile LED-UV, UV, and IR systems. Many industries use these systems to cure or dry inks, coatings, finishes, treatments, adhesives, and polymers. AMS Spectral UV’s, Michael Derrick, Director of Operations, and Hans Ulland, Executive Vice President, AMS Spectral UV, provided their insights on the latest […]

Unlocking Potential from Baldwin Technologies: The Ongoing Challenges of Security Printing

Security printing is becoming increasingly state-of-the-art with new techniques and technologies – but so, too, is counterfeiting. Because of those and other challenges, security printers must constantly stay on top of the latest to make sure they’re serving their customers and making the printing process airtight. That’s not necessarily a bad thing, said Gerry Stanford, […]