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The Valve Chronicles: Pressure Control Guideline Differences in Aircraft Fueling Operations Between the US & Europe, Part 2

  On this episode of The Valve Chronicles’ look at the differences in aircraft fueling operations between the US and Europe, Cla-Val’s Tom Boriack, Global Market Manager for Fueling, and Read more


With Record Demand, Can Uber Get Drivers Driving Again?
April 22, 2021
The economy is slowly opening back up as the country sees vaccinations increase while COVID-19 cases decrease. Consumers are reopening the door to Uber. In March 2021, Uber saw gross bookings hit an Read more
Southwest CEO Speaks on Pent Up Travel Demand, Industry Outlook and more
April 22, 2021
Southwest CEO Gary Kelly says “no question the worst is behind us,” as he discusses first-quarter results, consumer and business travel demand, and the relaunch of Boeing 737 Max jets. Watch or read more Read more
Beyond the Classroom: Educational Reform in a Post-Pandemic World
April 22, 2021
Although no one can argue that the COVID-19 pandemic has set back education and student learning for months, if not years, there is still some good that has come out of our current situation. Now, educators Read more
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How e-Commerce Just Got Even Easier
March 28, 2019
Social media has transformed the way people and businesses communicate. Since retail’s nature is a social one, the impact on the industry has been especially revolutionary. Just last week, Read more
How Jobs Are Adjusting During a Retail Revolution
March 25, 2019
Not so long ago, it looked as if brick-and-mortar stores were dead. The past two years, however, have seen a revival and various examples of repurposing in these spaces. Nonetheless, the face of Read more
Where will the Energy Be In The Future Workforce of this Industry?
March 22, 2019
Technology—specifically AI, robotics, and automation—is changing the workforce today and into the future. CloudFactory CEO Mark Sears told Robotics Business Review “as the cost and speed to Read more
Why Green is the Gold Standard For Building Managers
March 18, 2019
In the world of modern architecture, the most important color is green, as an emphasis has been put on reducing carbon footprints and saving energy. There are four key elements to define a Read more
What the Medical Field Is Looking For In Its Future Workforce
March 11, 2019
In fall 2015, a distressed University of Georgia student called the university police from  campus, seeking emergency medical help. In a suicide attempt, he had cuts on both wrists and was Read more
Inside the Long Road Back For American Public Transportation
March 6, 2019
Between 1999 and 2015, Americans were engaged in a love affair with public transportation. During this time period, ridership blossomed from 7.8 billion to 10.6 billion. But after an extended Read more
The Cost of Poor Transportation Is Hitting Your Dinner Table
February 27, 2019
Transportation safety impacts everyone, even those who never leave their homes. It is a topic with implications that reach far beyond being safe on the roads or in the air. It effects the Read more
Why Rethinking Office Design Can Lead to Business Success
February 26, 2019
More than ever before, office design plays a critical role in a company’s overall success. New technologies often drive new trends, and of course work culture also affects the way people set up Read more
Why Inventory Management is More Important Than the Product
February 22, 2019
Inventory management is undoubtedly one of the most important tasks of retailers, and depending on how well controlled the process is, it can either be a nightmare or a great tool for running a Read more