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Oncology and Technology: Understanding the Potential Impact of the Enhancing Oncology Model (EOM) on Cancer Patient Care

Quality cancer care is important to the well-being of cancer patients, and the government is working to increase the efficiency of care. In a recent Carevive podcast episode, host Michelle Read more


Rentex Ready! How Does the New Rentex RFID Inventory Benefit You, the Customer?
August 19, 2022
Rentex has been around since 1980. It's one of the business's biggest and most trusted audio, visual, and computer rentals. The business is transforming for the better after implementing a Read more
Transformational Trends in Energy and Data
August 19, 2022
Speaker of the House Nancy Pelosi’s recent visit to Taipei, Taiwan, sparked controversy when China issued warnings about consequences arising from her making the trip. What led to Speaker Pelosi’s Read more
Soaring Towards Sustainability with Blue Bird
August 19, 2022
Finding the cutting edge in transportation technology has always been the priority for Blue Bird. Founded in 1927, the company is a leading manufacturer of school buses and commercial trucks. To Read more
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What Data Points Do Drones Need to Collect?
August 3, 2022
The Xponential 2022 event on April 25-28 in Orlando, FL, was a significant success. Each year it presents the opportunity to work across many markets and domains. The event Read more
What Can the U.S. Learn from European Drone Regulations?
July 20, 2022
In this exciting episode of Drones in America, host Grant Guillot had the pleasure of speaking with a drone industry leader and influencer Eszter Kovács, Founder of DroneTalks and Read more
How Drone Ranges are Helping Advance R&D Initiatives
July 6, 2022
  The terrain of the northwest is important to the industry with a diverse test range where the industry can research, develop, and help make further strides in the Read more
Draganfly CEO Shares Where the Company is Seeing Record Revenue
June 15, 2022
The need to help the people during search and rescue and dangerous times continues to be an ongoing matter, one that many have stepped in to assist, including the drone delivery Read more
Examining the Impact of DroneUp Preparing For One Million Package Deliveries Per Year
June 2, 2022
The small aircraft often used today to capture video or perform surveillance is now a source of delivery in recent years. And the big box retailer Walmart, is the latest corporation Read more
How MassDOT is Deploying UAVs to Connect Remote Communities
April 27, 2022
When it comes to unidentified flying objects, it is more and more likely that they are drones. Whether delivering food to your backyard or helping to keep our rails, roads, and Read more
Educating the Industry is an Investment for the Future
April 13, 2022
If you’ve ever watched a movie with an image shot from above, odds are they used Candrone technology. But drones have more uses than just filming and President of Candrone, Justin Read more
The Editor in Chief of DroneLife Shares the Biggest Opportunities for Uncrewed Systems
March 16, 2022
Miriam McNabb is no stranger to the drone industry. McNabb, who works as the Editor in Chief for the drone news site DroneLife, has worked in and around the tech industry for over a Read more
The Scalability of Drones Will Hinge on Safely Managing Drone Ecosystems
March 9, 2022
Andrew Carter, President and Co-Founder of ResilienX and CEO Ryan Pleskach sat down with Drones in America host Grant Guillot to discuss the increasing importance of security in UAS Read more