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Match Families: How Technology Is Solving a Hidden Epidemic in the US

  Match Families, a new technological solution might be playing an important role in solving a hidden epidemic within the US. The holiday season is a natural time to celebrate with Read more


China Chip Controls manufacturing plant
Biden Nears Win as Japan, Dutch Back China Chip Controls
January 29, 2023

For more on the West’s race to implement China chip controls, read Bloomberg’s explainer on the computer chip “arms race.” (Bloomberg) — Japan and the Netherlands are poised to join the US in limiting China’s access to advanced semiconductor machinery, forging a powerful alliance that will undercut Beijing’s ambitions to build its own domestic […]

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NYSE Mayhem Traced to a Staffer Who Left a Backup System Running
January 28, 2023

(Bloomberg) — More than 700 miles from Wall Street, the New York Stock Exchange’s backup data center on Cermak Road in Chicago is supposed to safeguard US markets, standing by at all hours in case disaster ever strikes the world’s largest venue for trading shares. When markets are closed, it participates in a well-worn routine, […]

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California storms farmers
California Storms Have Farmers Rushing to Avoid Crop Shortfall
January 28, 2023

(Bloomberg) — California farmers are facing costly damages from weeks of severe California storms that may trigger more expensive US fruits and vegetables in a time of massive food inflation. “The numbers are going to be somewhere in the hundreds of millions and perhaps in the billions,” Dave Puglia, head of the trade group Western […]

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Match Families: How Technology Is Solving a Hidden Epidemic in the US
December 29, 2022

Match Families, a new technological solution might be playing an important role in solving a hidden epidemic within the US. The holiday season is a natural time to celebrate with friends and family. However, it is easy to forget those who are not lucky enough to have a close social circle. According to Cigna […]

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What to Keep in Mind as the Holidays Approach
December 3, 2021

The holiday season is here, filled with many days to celebrate. The hosts of Safety Justice League, Jason Lucas, Abby Ferri, and Jason Maldonado, treated listeners to their second annual holiday special episode. The hosts shared anecdotes, traditions, memories, and more. The holidays bring times of cheer but can also raise the risk of some safety-related […]

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How FedEx and Walmart are Taking the Sting Out of Returns this Holiday Season
December 23, 2020

Walmart and FedEx are teaming up this holiday season to try to take the sting out of the returns process. Now, everyone knows that feeling of opening a gift from a well-meaning friend or relative and it’s just not something you want or need. You think to yourself that “it’s fine, I’ll just return […]

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Thanksgiving Sees Drop in Jobless Claims, But Layoffs Continue
December 11, 2020

There’s more behind the latest dip in jobless claims than meets the eye. Three factors contribute to the reported numbers: Thanksgiving, seasonal hiring, and inconsistent state reporting. Over the Thanksgiving holiday, those that recently lost their jobs likely held off filing for unemployment until the following week. Seasonal holiday jobs are also inflating the hiring […]

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Reshaping Black Friday
November 26, 2020

Jennifer Kaylo Ruscin guides retailers to be the hero and navigate the industry’s biggest B2B challenges online and offline.   COVID-19 continues to reshape how people shop, and in turn, it’s sure to reshape traditions this holiday season. Let’s Talk Thanksgiving and Holiday Celebrations According to Butterball, the number of consumers who plan to host extended […]

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B2B News Update: What Factory Production and Holiday Travel Have in Common
December 18, 2019

Data out of Washington, D.C. this week shows positive signs for American factory production. The November numbers show a seasonally-adjusted increase of 1.1% in November. That’s good enough for the biggest month-over-month increase since October, 2017. The data is a measure of factory, mining and utility output. It was not long ago we discussed […]

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The Technology That Revitalized Physical Retail This Holiday Season
January 2, 2019

Brands Turn to Augmented and Virtual Reality to Attract More Shoppers During the Holiday Season Every consumer wants an experience. Having a product at a competitive price is not necessarily enough to lure shoppers, especially millennials, who are now the largest generation and digital natives. In fact, a Nielsen report on millennials concluded that more than 74 percent […]

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How Airports Avoid a Travel Apocalypse During the Holidays
December 20, 2018

As “I’ll be home for Christmas” plays in the background, lines at the airport will be swelling, possibly delaying people from getting home themselves. It is expected that 2018 will set a new record for travel, with more than 46 million people flying during the holiday season. This will be the fifth year in a […]

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What Is Competing With the Catering Market This Holiday Season?
December 18, 2018

As the weather continues to get colder and fewer and fewer weddings are scheduled, catering companies turn to holiday parties as a main source of revenue. While corporate holiday parties have changed in size and format in recent years, with companies that once held large events for 200 guests or more now holding maybe three […]

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