Manufacturing a Stronger Standard

Bringing complex automated solutions to general industry in a simple way, Derek DeGeest, and special guests, share relatable topics and applications meant to be educational, but more importantly, inspiring to help manufacturers through the robotics and automation movement in manufacturing.


FABTECH Show Kickoff and Overview of Solutions Distributed by DeGeest

This is another episode of Manufacturing A Stronger Standard live from FABTECH 2021. Host and President of LestaUSA and DeGeest Corp., Derek DeGeest, talked with Brad Ruppert, Engineering Manager, and Application Specialist at LestaUSA. They spoke about FABTECH and what they’ve done at previous shows. This is the second time that they have been at […]

Adapting Existing and New Wagner Solutions to Leverage Self-Learning Robots

This episode of Manufacturing A Stronger Standard was live from FABTECH 2021. Host and President of LestaUSA and DeGeest Corp., Derek DeGeest, talked with JR Rogers, National Sales Manager for Engineered Systems for Wagner, a leading global manufacturer of systems for surface finishing with liquid paints, powder coating, adhesives, and sealant materials. Wagner is also […]

How Lesta’s Robots Elevate Production and Automation in Wood Finishing

Wood finishing work is a craft requiring a keen eye and precise application, which has made it particularly hard to automate, but new technology is changing that. Offering insights on these new capabilities, Manufacturing a Stronger Standard brings listeners a conversation with DeGeest and Lesta USA President Derek DeGeest and Igor Kania, Wood Finishing Specialist for Lesta SRL from […]

Self-Learning Robots Find a Better Way to Dry

Derek DeGeest, President of DeGeest Corporation & LestaUSA, and Brad Ruppert, Engineering Manager and Application Specialist at DeGeest Corporation & LestaUSA, have a passion for new technology. When they can apply that to the manufacturing finishing process, it gives them a level of excitement that is contagious. They were excited to announce a new product […]

Certify Before You Buy—How To Deal With New Machinery

Derek DeGeest, President of DeGeest Corporation and LestaUSA, knows when the industry comes together to help each other, successful integration of robotics and automation into operations follows. After being on both sides of the coin of installing a large finishing system and shepherding in new self-learning robotic technology to North America, it’s important to share […]

Polifluid’s Benefits for Finishing Technology

Sometimes business improvements are stumbled upon by pure luck. That was certainly the case for Derek DeGeest, President of DeGeest Corporation, who chanced upon Polifluid during a recent trip to Europe. Derek is joined by Bill Robinson, President of Coating Delivery Technology, as well as host Tyler Kern, to dive deeper into this discovery and […]

DeGeest Steel Works Changes Name, Enters New Era as DeGeest

DeGeest Steel Works recently announced a name change – the second in company history – to simply DeGeest, a simplification that better reflect the company’s constant commitment to expanding its range of solutions and services for its customers. This is more than a name change. DeGeest’s offerings are expanding from exceptional steel fabrication to include Finishing […]

The Business of Overcoming Fear

In work and daily life, fear can halt business and personal progress. Derek DeGeest, President of DeGeest Steel Works & LestaUSA, and Jim Rieffenberger, Business Leader Coach, speaker, and author from Renue, talked about ways to address the fears that can hold businesses back. Rieffenberger, a lifelong friend and mentor to DeGeest, recently became a […]

Upskilling Your Workforce, Part 3

On this episode of Manufacturing a Stronger Standard, a DeGeest Steel Works podcast, President Derek DeGeest joined host Tyler Kern for the third installment of the duo’s series on upskilling your workforce. Upskilling refers to giving employees additional tools and skills, elevating their knowledge and capabilities – and often your entire operation. Previous episodes have touched […]

How the Steel Industry is Attracting and Retaining New Talent in a Modernized World

As the technology-native Gen-Z comes of working age, flashy Silicon Valley jobs twinkle in their eye. But there’s another industry that is attracting these fresh young minds, and it is working hard to retain and invest in the people that choose to work there. That industry is manufacturing. Joined by Derek DeGeest, President of DeGeest […]

Automation in the Paint Shop: Robots with a Human Touch

Derek DeGeest, President, DeGeest Steel Works, and Lesta USA, went on a search for ways to automate business processes, utilize software and technology, and help his employees accomplish more. What came next is an answer many general industry manufacturers are looking for too. As DeGeest Steel Works’ automation processes grew, a bottleneck formed at the […]