Manufacturing a Stronger Standard


Manufacturing a Stronger Standard: How the Steel Industry is Attracting and Retaining New Talent in a Modernized World

  As the technology-native Gen-Z comes of working age, flashy Silicon Valley jobs twinkle in their eye. But there’s another industry that is attracting these fresh young minds, and it is working hard to retain and invest in the people that choose to work there. That industry is manufacturing. Joined by Derek DeGeest, President of […]

Automation in the Paint Shop: Robots with a Human Touch

  Derek DeGeest, President, DeGeest Steel Works, and Lesta USA, went on a search for ways to automate business processes, utilize software and technology, and help his employees accomplish more. What came next is an answer many general industry manufacturers are looking for too. As DeGeest Steel Works’ automation processes grew, a bottleneck formed at […]