As retail brand marketers, solution providers and platforms set their sights on fourth quarter and 2021, Carol launched her episode series, “8 Mistakes Retail Suppliers Can’t Make.” In the series, Carol takes on the top retail B2B positioning and business development hurdles suppliers experience and provides tactics and takeaways for conquering them once and for all.

Retailers are expanding into new business models and launching new formats. They are augmenting their platforms through acquisitions and partnerships. Diversification is retail’s future growth engine and suppliers that get on board will reap rewards. In this final installment in Carol’s 8 Mistakes Suppliers Can’t Make series, she outlines new strategies for expanding alongside your retail partners and shares case studies that illuminate best practices. There’s never been a better time to expand your vision!

In this episode you’ll learn:

  • Which two tactics will power retail expansion
  • Why you must diversify your distribution before it’s too late
  • How to reframe your case studies to drive diversification
  • Why multi-format mojo should be your mandate

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