Proud, Productive and Priceless: How Unlocking the Power of People Will Reignite Retail


As retailers re-imagine brick and mortar, stores are once again at the center of the action. But what about the people who power the action, store associates? They can get left out of the conversation as technology and automation grab attention, yet these front-line workers are critical to retailers’ success across every channel. Carol’s guest is passionate about acknowledging and encouraging store workers and he’s written an important book to fulfill that commitment. Ron Thurston is the author of Retail Pride: The Guide to Celebrating Your Accidental Career, a labor of love that pulls together Ron’s years of experience developing store teams for top brands like Apple, West Elm, Tory Burch, St. Laurent and now, as VP of stores for INTERMIX. In this interview episode, Ron and Carol discuss what it takes for retail workers to own their contributions and careers and how retail leaders can motivate brick and mortar teams during challenging times.

In this interview, you’ll learn:

  • The three pillars of retail expertise
  • Why shifting from accidental to intentional changes everything
  • Tactics for motivating store teams and messaging that they matter
  • How to merge high tech and high touch without upsetting the balance

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