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Designers Should Prioritize Proper Color Temperature in Exterior Lighting Designs to Serve Their Communities

As society grapples with the intricacies of modern life, the influence of exterior lighting on our psychological and physiological well-being has begun to draw attention. It’s not just about illuminating the darkness anymore; it’s also about respecting the natural rhythms of our bodies and fostering meaningful human interactions. A key factor here is the…

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Professional AV
Acoustics and Aesthetics 101: Designing Enterprise Office Spaces

Integrators and interior designers are at war! (not really) But can we all just agree that both sides could benefit from listening to each other more? Especially when designing office spaces and huddle rooms. One of the biggest pain points of office/enterprise design is how to balance the acoustic design of the space with its…

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Architecture & Design
Studio Insights: Shining a Bright Light on Studio Design

Lighting isn’t a popular topic, but it means everything for creating quality productions. John Gebbie, New York Business Development Director, Barbizon Electric Company and Peter Provost, President and Director of Design, Provost Studio, spoke with Host Tyler Kern about this. Lighting systems integration is infrastructure. “My role in the equation is to bring all those…

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Food & Beverage
How to Elevate Your Operation’s Signage and Lighting

On this Vixxo video podcast, Vixxo General Manager, Sign, Lighting and Projects Tim O’Donnell joined host Daniel Litwin to outline the shifting landscape of signage and lighting – and provide best practices for facility managers looking to keep pace. First, O’Donnell said, it’s critical to realize just how important the role these solutions play…

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In Focus
Elevating Your Image Through Lighting

Josh Brummett, MarketScale Senior Director of Video Production, hosted Duncan Johnson to discuss how to become a master of lighting. Johnson is an experienced filmmaker with a well rounded background of photography, film, and video projects.  Johnson spoke to his background in the industry and his introduction to lighting and how it has shaped…

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Experience by Design
How a Music Tour Launched an Experiential Company: Experience by Design

It’s all about the experience! That means being open to new technologies and design practices, but not necessarily abandoning the old ones. It’s not about labeling oneself as a designer or an integrator—rather, it’s about using the most effective tools and approach to solving the problems at hand. The end result is a carefully crafted…

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Business Casual
Business Casual: GE Flips the Switch to Off on Lighting Business

For nearly 130 years, General Electric has been bringing good things to light, and throughout the 20th century, the company carried on its founder’s tradition of experimentation and innovation by perfecting the fluorescent bulb, halogen bulb and LED, among other lighting innovations. Founded in 1892 by Thomas Edison, the inventor of the incandescent bulb…

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global food supply
GreenOnyx’s Clean & Efficient Farming is Key to Global Food Supply Solutions
June 21, 2024

Global food supply chains are under unprecedented pressure from climate change and geopolitical tensions, making sustainable and nutritious food sources more critical than ever. With only a small fraction of the global population consuming the minimum recommended phytonutrients essential for health, innovative solutions are urgently needed. Can scalable solutions in agricultural technology ensure a…

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holistic content operations
Team Alignment and Clear Objectives Drive Holistic Content Operations in Life Sciences
June 20, 2024

Understanding holistic content operations is crucial in today’s fast-paced business environment, where effective content management can be the key to success. Holistic content operations encompass the end-to-end processes that ensure content is created, reviewed, and distributed efficiently. A well-structured content operations strategy can significantly enhance organizational workflows and team morale. What exactly constitutes holistic…

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promotional claims
Aligning, Appraising, and Simplifying Scientific Data Strengthens Promotional Claims
June 20, 2024

The pharmaceutical industry faces the challenge of converting complex medical and scientific information into clear, effective promotional claims. This process is critical as it balances the need for accurate scientific communication with the requirement for impactful marketing. The stakes are high, as promotional materials must adhere to stringent regulatory standards while also appealing to…

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promotional review meetings
Defining Goals, Leveraging Technology, and Planning Ahead are Essential for Successful Promotional Review Meetings
June 20, 2024

Today’s fast-paced business environment demands effective review of promotional content. Ensuring all promotional materials are compliant, accurate, and impactful has become crucial. This necessity has given rise to structured promotional review meetings, a trend essential for maintaining quality and compliance in marketing efforts. These meetings facilitate collaboration, ensure adherence to regulatory standards, and help…

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Other Articles
“The Lighting Professor” on Trends and Design at KBIS 2020
February 6, 2020

MarketScale was in attendance at KBIS 2020 this year, getting an idea for what’s driving the kitchen and bath industry as innovation blooms and a new decade of design dawns. Joseph Reybarreau, known as “The Lighting Professor,” offered up his unique insights about what might be coming down the pipe in the world of lighting….

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The Install, Episode 1: A MarketScale Pro AV Original Series
February 4, 2020

Businesses around the country are investing in audiovisual technology to bring their brands to life. From Times Square to the bright lights of Las Vegas, we’re getting an inside look into what makes these projects must-see attractions. Holiday in the Sun We begin in Bradenton, Florida, where we’ll see how the Crown Design Group is constructing…

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Backstage Pass: LDI 2019: New Lighting Innovations are Upending the Event Tech Industry with Blake Taylor and Aaron Walters
December 19, 2019

The audiovisual industry is bursting with new technologies and innovations. These new developments debuted at LDI 2019 , the leading conference and tradeshow for live design professionals from all over the world. Backstage Pass has the first scoop on what AV professionals are saying about the show with guests Blake Taylor, Lighting Services Manager, and…

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Event Tech Trends Changing Attendees Expectations and Experiences
October 30, 2019

Corporate meetings and conferences have long been characterized by tedious PowerPoint presentations echoing off the walls of fluorescent-lit hotel ballrooms. But thanks to new trends in event technology, these long-dreaded symposiums are getting a makeover. Immersive content and interactive engagement are just a couple of innovations changing the event industry. Exploring this rising trend…

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Backstage Pass: Don’t Forget About Lighting Design at Business Events
September 5, 2019

One of the oft-overlooked aspects of producing largescale business events is lighting design. As brands look to find creative ways to capture tradeshow audiences with content, audio, and visuals, the right lighting can enhance an immersive experience like no other. In this new episode of Backstage Pass by Alford Media, host Daniel Litwin sat…

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Lightfair 2019 Lights Up Philadelphia This Week
May 21, 2019

Lightfair 2019 opened its doors in Philadelphia this morning, welcoming in the lighting and design industry’s most influential brands and executives among thousands of attendees. The Philadelphia Convention & Visitors Bureau (@discoverPHL) captured the moment the show opened and provided a glimpse into what is going on at the event. Photos courtesy of @discoverPHL and…

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Quality Event Lighting is Key. So Why Isn’t it an Industry Standard?
April 9, 2019

Live events are the cornerstone of an AV company’s repertoire. Full of multiple components including audio, visual effects, the actual content, and of course the overall flow of the show itself, every aspect deserves attention. When there are so many different factors at play simultaneously, though, the specifics and importance of the lighting for…

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