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How A Queuing System Helps Improve Wait Times At Vet Clinics

  Pet adoption soared during the pandemic. Nearly 20 percent of homes surveyed by the ASPCA adopted a pet. This increase in pet adoption leads to a domino effect that will increase wait Read more


Teach For America
Teach For America Reinvention: Culture Transformation and Educator Recruitment
March 27, 2023

Teach For America (TFA) started with an idea in 1989 by Wendy Kopp. The TFA formally launched in 1990 with a mission to provide all children in America with an excellent education. More than thirty-three years later, TFA is continually improving itself by expanding its network and resources with initiatives like TFA’s Reinvention Lab. […]

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‘Everything Everywhere All At Once’ Reminds Scientists and Metaphysicians That Researching the Multiverse Has Important Thematic Fundamentals
March 24, 2023

The multiverse theory has been the subject of scientific research and philosophical debate for decades. It is a theory that suggests the existence of multiple universes beyond our own, each with its own unique physical laws and properties. Along with the recent phase of the Marvel Cinematic Universe, 2023’s Best Picture-winning film Everything Everywhere All […]

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Adapting the SLR Magic of Anamorphic Filmmaking to the Panasonic Lumix Ecosystem Creates Endless Filmmaking Possibilities
March 24, 2023

The Panasonic Lumix System revolutionized independent filmmaking through the convergence of a handheld DSLR style body, larger than video camera sensors for a narrow depth of field, and the versatility and utility of interchangeable lenses.  By being mirrorless and with the use of adapters, a broad gamut of vintage and modern lenses became available for […]

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How A Queuing System Helps Improve Wait Times At Vet Clinics
October 13, 2021

Pet adoption soared during the pandemic. Nearly 20 percent of homes surveyed by the ASPCA adopted a pet. This increase in pet adoption leads to a domino effect that will increase wait times at the vet office. On this episode of The Art of Waiting, A NEMO-Q podcast, Host Courtney Echerd talked with Erik […]

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How to Get Actionable Results from Customers in One Day
August 12, 2021

Customer surveys are important. They are needed to understand who your customers are, what they’re trying to do, and how well a company is helping them achieve those goals. But crafting them is important, and questions need to be framed in a meaningful and actionable way. On this episode of The Art of Waiting, […]

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New Industries Making Use of Powerful Queuing Solutions
July 29, 2021

There’s one thing that a return to semi-normal in the wake of the COVID-19 pandemic has made clear – customers and visitors don’t have time to wait. Expectations for seamless, quick experiences are higher than ever, and that means more industries are turning to queuing solutions to make that efficiency a reality. The Art of […]

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How Queueing Can Aid Healthcare in the Fight Against Concurrent Flu and COVID-19 Care
February 4, 2021

This flu season is unlike any we’ve ever seen – occurring at the same time as a global pandemic, it’s straining the healthcare system in the United States and beyond in new and impactful ways. COVID-19’s more than 22 million cases in the U.S. have resulted in nearly 400,000 deaths, adding to flu deaths that […]

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How to Make Contactless Queuing Easy
July 22, 2020

Contactless Queuing Made Easy Businesses that serve customers or patients in physical locations are undergoing a substantial operational disruption due to COVID-19. They may be reopening or, as an essential business, simply rethinking how to organize queuing while maintaining social distancing recommendations. Keeping Employees and Customers Safe The Centers for Disease Control and Prevention (CDC) […]

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The Art of Waiting: Queuing Systems Support Essential Businesses During COVID-19 Outbreak
March 31, 2020

Coronavirus is shutting down local economies across the nation and the world. Unless your business is “essential,” it’s likely the doors are locked. Those essential businesses, though, often include important legal offices, some government buildings, grocers and pharmacies, and medical care environments. Many of those industries, especially when overwhelmed with customers, rely on queuing […]

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The Art of Waiting: Frictionless NEMO-Q Updates Are Coming To Improve Queuing Efficiencies
February 11, 2020

All system software eventually needs an upgrade. And, with NEMO-Q ready to serve up software enhancements for its legacy systems, Erik Berg, Sales Director at NEMO-Q, dropped by to let host Daniel Litwin in on what’s changing with this new rollout. Berg said the new features are easy to identify, and users will notice […]

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Why Queuing is Critical in Healthcare
February 6, 2020

In today’s experience-driven society, people long for engaging, personalized attention. The healthcare market is no different, and it’s increasingly being driven by enhanced patient experiences. Patients are becoming more involved in their healthcare, and their attitude is shifting to that of a consumer. Evolving in pace, then, is critical for healthcare organizations, and queueing […]

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How Smart Queue Systems Help College Campuses Run Smoother
November 27, 2019

Not all customer waiting lines are created equal. A walk-in traffic line at the DMV is characteristically different than a registration line at a college or university, said queuing expert Erik Berg. On this episode of the podcast, host Shelby Skrhak sat down with Berg, a sales consultant for the North American Region at […]

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