Getting Technetical

Getting Technetical, a Technetics podcast, will leverage leading experts to bring you critical information regarding custom solutions for the aerospace, semiconductor, nuclear, industrial turbine, oil and gas, life science, and industrial markets.


Getting Technical: Flying in Green Skies

Aviation contributes to 2% of all CO2 emissions, which is something the industry wants to change. Jason Riggs, director of strategy at Technetics, spoke with Tyler Kern about some of the aviation industry’s plans to reach zero emissions by 2050 through sustainable aviation fuels (SAFs), hydrogen, and pure battery-electric aircraft. Hydrogen as a fuel source […]

Getting Technetical with Technetics: How and Why is Semiconductor Manufacturing Changing?

  Technology advances continue to snowball, it doesn’t appear progress will slow anytime soon. Angus McFadden, Semiconductor Technology Manager at Technetics, joined Host Tyler Kern explain how semiconductor manufacturing is evolving. McFadden heads discovery for emerging and new technologies at Technetics, working with other companies under a semiconductor initiative. McFadden has seen shrinking line width […]

Getting Technical: What Will the Commercial Space Market Look Like in 2022?

  The pandemic may have halted many industries from growing, but that is not the case for the commercial space market. Jason Riggs, Director of Strategy at Technetics, discussed the market’s future for 2022 with Host Tyler Kern. Recently, propulsion and launch vehicles have made an entrance into the market, and private funding and public […]

Getting Technical: The Future of Commercial Aerospace Transfer 2022

  Because of the pandemic, the commercial aero market was profoundly impacted by the sudden disruptions in travel. Jason Riggs, director of strategy at Technetics, discussed this phenomenon and how the market has rebound with Host Tyler Kern. Globally, air traffic is down by 30% from pre-pandemic levels, and airframers are making calls to increase […]

Getting Technetical: The Power of Fusion Technology for the Energy Needs of the Future

ITER means “the way” in Latin, but 35 countries around the globe know ITER as one of the most ambitious energy projects in the world. Robert Pearce, Section Leader, Vacuum Delivery & Installation Section for the ITER Organization, spoke about the drive to create net energy from a fusion device. “Initially, ITER got started from […]

Getting Technetical: The SpaceX Falcon 9 Rocket Launch

  On May 30th, the next chapter of U.S. space exploration began with the SpaceX Falcon 9 rocket launch to the International Space Station. Jason Riggs, Director, Aerospace Business Unit for The Technetics Group, spoke with host Tyler Kern about this momentous event. “This is definitely a new chapter in human space flight,” Biggs said. […]

Getting Technetical: The ABCs of PTFE Tape and Film

  People may be most familiar with PTFE tape under its sometimes-moniker, plumber’s tape. But, as Technetics’ product manager Rodrigo Costa explained, there are many different uses and applications for PTFE tapes and films. “PTFE tapes are interesting because of its chemical inertness, so it is resistant to any solvent,” Costa said. “it’s nontoxic, and […]

Getting Technetical: Metallic Seals Meet the Most Extreme Demands

  Talk about small but mighty. A 1/8 metal seal on a valve can be the difference between success and critical failure. On this episode of Getting Technetical by Technetics, host Shelby Skrhak sat down with Cindy Krishna and Bruno Quilling to discuss the variable viability of metal seals that help solve tough sealing problems. […]

Getting Technetical: A Look at PTFE Product Solutions

  Andrew Bastian, Director of Product Management and Strategy, Technetics stopped by Getting Technetical to talk about Technetics’ PTFE product assortment and their capabilities. While Technetics offers a wide range of stock shapes of PTFE sheets, rods and tubes, they also customize these products to exact forms and thicknesses to meet customer specifications. “In some […]

Getting Technetical: Why Customers Are Over the Moon with Technetics’ Sealings for Space Products

  The first space race may already be run, but now is a time of great innovation and growth in the final frontier. Companies like SpaceX and Blue Origin are pushing the boundaries further and further. They’re looking at taking cargo to space, getting tourists out of this world and even, in the case of […]

Getting Technetical: Maintaining Business Relationships in the Growing Aerospace Industry

The aerospace industry is growing. Airbus announced that, in the next 20 years, 39,000 aircraft will need to be manufactured, and 550,000 new pilots will need to be hired to meet traffic growth. The team at Technetics said that capacity is the biggest challenge in the marketplace at the moment, but they have the experience […]