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How Card Issuers and Merchants Maneuvered One Year of Mastercard’s Magstripe Phase Out

mastercard emv magstripe
Coming up on one year from the official announcement, retailers and card issuers rejoiced at Mastercard’s announcement that by 2024, issuers will no longer be required to use magnetic Read more


DeLorean is Back…Actually They Never Left Us!
August 12, 2022
The forthcoming debut of the latest DeLorean iteration is discussed on the latest episode of “Are We There Yet?”. Host Grant Harrell talked with the automaker’s Chief Marketing Officer, Troy Beetz, Read more
How Teach for America Brings Diversity in Education to Houston Schools
August 12, 2022
Teach for America has been a cornerstone in creating more educators for the nation. The nonprofit founded in 1989 operates in more than two dozen regions across the country and introduces commitment Read more
The Tips Restaurants Need to Avoid Scammers and Extortionists
August 12, 2022
If restaurants didn’t already have enough to deal with during this pandemic, scheming scammers have cooked up an elaborate plot to target them with negative reviews. According to CBS News, there’s Read more
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GrubHub has Targeted Their Entry into the Hospitality World
June 15, 2022
Being able to order food at the press of a button is beyond just mere convenience, it is simplicity and delivery at its finest. If host Katie Steinberg has anything to say about it, Read more
Using AI to Never Miss a Minute
May 25, 2022
When lifelong Detroit Red Wings fan Zack Klima missed seeing a game-winning goal due to waiting in a long line, he knew enough was enough. Spurred to action, Klima founded and is now Read more
Sports Professor Discusses How Franchises Will Open New Revenue Opportunities
May 18, 2022
  From game highlights and player highlights to behind-the-scenes footage, social media users are actively following sports teams on TikTok. According to Morning Consult data, Read more
How a Motion Analytics Company is Applying AI to Improve Your Putting in Golf
May 11, 2022
BioMech, as a company, combines sports and analytics to help athletes perform better at the sports they love. Professional Golfer Heath Slocum and Dr. Frank Fornari, Co-founder of Read more
Creating the Expectations for an eSports Stadium
May 4, 2022
The rise in popularity of Esports took off during the pandemic, when more people stayed inside and sought other forms of entertainment. Senior Principal and Esports Director for the Read more
Extending Performance Requires A Collaboration Between Different Disciplines
April 26, 2022
Joel Totoro’s love for professional sports and health has teed him up for a successful career as Director of Sports Science at Thorne. Totoro noticed that the development of a Read more
Jenifer Welter Shares How NFL Players Responded to Relationship Based Coaching
April 6, 2022
For many, being first is an accomplishment. It is an accolade to boast about to friends, family, colleagues. To Dr. Jenifer Welter, it means something entirely different. Dr. Jenifer Read more
How College Athletic Departments Should Be Educating Their Athletes on NIL
March 29, 2022
Named one of Sports Business Journal’s 40 under 40, Casey Schwab is making an impact in the sports -and education- world. In this new episode of Game Changers, host Katie Steinberg Read more
Where Stadiums and Resorts Rank with Fiber and 5G Deployments
March 23, 2022
  When most people think of the Corning name, they think of dishware and cookware. But the reality is they are so, so much more. The company even lays claim to having glass on Read more