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When you think of digital signage in a retail store, the standard has become static imagery or looping media, providing color and branding but not much else. Trevor Sumner, CEO of Perch Interactive, says it’s time to think bigger and bigger.

On today’s episode of the Retail Podcast, brought to you by MarketScale, host Daniel Litwin sat down with Sumner to discuss how digital signage is evolving and becoming much more interactive and personalized. Sumner, who was recently recognized in the Corporate Excellence Awards 2019 as the Most Influential CEO of the Year 2019 for his work in Visual Merchandising, knows how powerful positive digital marketing can have on the shopping experience.

“With digital signage, I think of boring static media. Aren’t these just the banner ads on the internet that we hate?” Sumner said. “It’s an interruptive media.”

To avoid being interruptive and leaning toward being industry-disruptive instead, digital signage in-store is adding value to the shoppers chain of events. As a result, it’s serving customers better and giving retailers a wealth of information. Digital marketers are entering a new phase of in-store signage that’s focused on interactivity and personalization, where this media is helpful and informational, as well as fun.

“On the internet, you can click on products to get more information, so why can’t we do that in the store?” Sumner said.

Marketers are using the next generation of digital signage — computer vision, for example — for innovative ways to help customers. Cameras are being used in stores to see which products a person gazes at versus picks up, which data has shown it has a direct effect on the likelihood a customer will purchase that product. This kind of data feeds the retailer’s arsenal of ways to engage customers during the shopping experience.

“It’s about providing customers an experience that’s flawless, surprising, and even delightful,” Sumner said.

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