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Changing the Stigma Around Franchising

  Franchising is perceived as a difficult commitment to make, and often entails a range of investment hurdles. For many this is enough frustration to turn investors away, but Read more


restaurant sales black friday
Restaurant Sales Are Up, But Foot Traffic Is Down. Why Is That?
November 23, 2022
   The third quarter was a good quarter for chain restaurants. However, more sales do not necessarily translate into more customers. Lisa Miller, President, Lisa W. Miller & Read more
Deanna Baumgardner discusses diversity roles
High Turnover in Diversity Roles is a Reflection of Unrealistic Expectations
November 23, 2022
Diversity roles, specifically diversity and inclusion managers, have been the second fastest growing job title in the last five years according to LinkedIn. Yet, these positions are also experiencing a Read more
FCC Broadband Connectivity
New FCC Broadband Map Crowdsources Regulation of Broadband Availability
November 23, 2022
This week the Federal Communications Commission (FCC) released its new broadband availability maps to cheers from the larger telecom industry. With this new set of FCC maps, a huge win for Read more
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Changing the Stigma Around Franchising
November 23, 2022
  Franchising is perceived as a difficult commitment to make, and often entails a range of investment hurdles. For many this is enough frustration to turn investors away, but Read more
Veterans Transitioning to Project Management and MHI Roles
August 11, 2022
  Veterans retire with a variety of skills under their belt. These skills form a natural path from the military into the civilian workforce, particularly translating to Read more
Creating the Expectations for an eSports Stadium
May 4, 2022
The rise in popularity of Esports took off during the pandemic, when more people stayed inside and sought other forms of entertainment. Senior Principal and Esports Director for the Read more
InTouch with ENTOUCH: The Cost of Inaction and Inertia
April 18, 2022
Maximizing ROI is the goal for every organization, but what is the cost associated with inaction? That’s the question Tyler Kern posed to Jon Bolen, CEO of ENTOUCH. Bolen said that over time, Read more
Not Your Father’s Data Center Podcast by Compass Datacenters: A Look into the Impact of COVID-19 on the Data Center Industry
February 22, 2022
The data center industry is probably not the first industry one would think of when it comes to changes from the pandemic since data is stored virtually. Tim Huffman, Vice President of CBRE, Read more
Businesses Are Still Investing in NFTs. Here’s Why You Should, Too.
September 27, 2021
 NFTs had an exciting summer, but after the initial buzz wore off, research showed the NFT bubble had burst. What remained were several unique use cases of NFTs for fashion, Read more
Why More Energy Storage Investments are in Everyone’s Best Interest
August 19, 2021
  As the world shifts toward more renewable energy and electrical grids struggle to stay online during weather events, energy storage will prove more crucial. Storing Read more
Virginia Repeats as America’s Best State for Business
July 16, 2021
Since 2007, CNBC has compiled a study with a simple aim – to declare one American city as the country’s best for business. This year, after a year with no study due to the Read more
How to Power Innovation and Efficiency with Attention to the Little Things
June 23, 2021
On There’s More to IT, host Jason Claybrook and guests will explore some foundational questions about the technology that’s driving us all forward. Why do we build the stuff we build? What’s Read more