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The Top Six Retail Trends from NRF 2022

Retail is ready to apply the last two years of pandemic disruptions to new strategies for success, innovation, and resiliency. That much was clear at the National Retail Federation’s Big Read more


How To Navigate the American Healthcare System
How To Navigate the American Healthcare System
January 28, 2022
This week on I Don't Care, Host Kevin Stevenson sits down with an author that has made it his mission to teach people how to navigate the healthcare system, arming patients with the proactive education Read more
Owning the Future of Healthcare: How to Leverage Data and Analytics for Rapid Response to Emerging Threats
January 27, 2022
  “HealthCatalyst comes from a healthcare perspective and designs technology to support it. They were willing to get in the sandbox with us and figure this out.” Harnessing the power of data is Read more
Surrounding Yourself with a Strong Team to Revitalize a Company
Surrounding Yourself with a Strong Team to Revitalize a Company
January 27, 2022
  In this episode of Straight Outta Crumpton, Greg Crumpton spoke with Wendy Staso to learn more about her incredible journey leading Huckestein Mechanical Services from insolvency to becoming a member Read more
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How Online Learning Went Mainstream
August 30, 2019
The Growing Prevalence of Online Education One out of three higher education students takes at least one course online. About one in six students enroll entirely in online courses to earn their Read more
Why IT Professionals are Flocking to VMWorld this Week
August 28, 2019
Considered the industry’s premier digital infrastructure event, VMworld 2019 continues this week until Aug. 29. The event will welcome 21,000 attendees, including more than 700 sessions, and Read more
The Cost of Cord Cutting: How Cable Providers Plan to Adapt
August 14, 2019
Since the mid-1900s, cable television has been one of the main sources of entertainment for the masses. By 2012, 93 percent of homes in the United States had access to cable. In the past few Read more
What CarePass From CVS Signals to the Market
August 12, 2019
In the 1970s, the Veterans Administration (now called the VA) mailed prescription medications to regional customers. This was actually far ahead of the curve. It was not until the 1990s that Read more
Open For Business: But at What Cost?
March 20, 2019
In the age of the internet, starting a business can be as simple as hosting a free website and marketing services or goods through social media sites. Starting a retail business where customers Read more
Why All Eyes in Building Management Are On San Antonio This Week
February 6, 2019
Most people spend their days indoors in commercial settings. Professionals in building management work to make these settings safe, efficient, healthy, and functional. With job positions ranging Read more
75,000 Fans, 100 Million Viewers and One Huge Responsibility: Security at the Super Bowl
February 1, 2019
While most of the focus of Super Bowl LIII is on the game itself and the fan experience, it is also important to think about what goes on behind the scenes. In a world of hyper-security and Read more
Will Super Bowl LIII Be Super for Retailers and Its Host City?
January 31, 2019
A blend of myth and fact, the Super Bowl Stock Market Predictor suggests that the stock market will rise or fall depending on the conference affiliation of the winning team (American Football Read more
How Can We Solve The Cybersecurity Crisis?
January 29, 2019
As increasing numbers of services and businesses leverage the web and IoT, there are more opportunities for cybercrime. For instance, in the past five years most banks have created apps to give Read more