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GBTA | Convention 2023, Are We There Yet?

GBTA Dallas Convention 2023
  In the wake of the pandemic, the world of business travel is undergoing a significant transformation. As companies and industries adapt to new norms, the Global Business Read more


IC System's dedicated team
IC System – Meet Our Collectors
November 29, 2023

At IC System, the language of empathy speaks louder than the transactions of debt collection. In a compelling video feature, IC System’s dedicated team casts a spotlight on their unique approach—combining heartfelt empathy with innovative solutions to navigate the often challenging landscape of financial obligations. IC System champions a path of compassion, delving deep […]

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IC System team members
Why Nice People Work at IC System
November 29, 2023

This video highlights one of the core values that drives IC System – People. Hear from IC System team members as they share their experiences and insights on how IC cultivates a family-like atmosphere built on genuine human connection. Key takeaways: People come first: IC focuses on building strong relationships, both with customers and […]

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Architectural Specifications
Draper Adds Architectural Specifications Manager in South Central U.S.
November 29, 2023

(Spiceland, Ind.) – Draper, Inc., has announced the addition of an Architectural Specifications Manager for the south-central United States. Jay Linville joins Draper after more than 30 years of experience working with the architectural community—including major players in the commercial window shading industry. “Jay’s experience working with architects specifying solar control solutions for major commercial […]

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GBTA | Convention 2023, Are We There Yet?
September 1, 2023

In the wake of the pandemic, the world of business travel is undergoing a significant transformation. As companies and industries adapt to new norms, the Global Business Travel Association (GBTA) Convention 2023 in Dallas emerged as a pivotal event, showcasing the latest trends, technologies, and strategies in the sector. According to the GBTA, business […]

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Struggling Trade Shows Impact Entire Hospitality Sector
January 10, 2022

Editor’s Note: When the original video script recorded, the Javits Center had only 17 trade shows listed on their webpage. Since then, that number has risen to 28. The Javits Center in New York hosts thousands of companies a year for shows. But 2022 outlook is bleak; as of now, there are only 28 shows […]

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Should Airlines Be Planning for a Future with “Half the Business Travel”
October 19, 2021

Few industries have felt the effects of the COVID-19 pandemic as acutely as the airlines. A continuing concern for these companies is the evolving nature of work. As many businesses have adjusted to using Zoom or Microsoft Teams for remote meetings, the emphasis being placed on business travel has been dramatically reduced. For more […]

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Have We Seen a Shift in the Perception of Business Travel?
August 4, 2021

The COVID-19 pandemic didn’t officially stall all business travel, but much of the world’s business has been conducted remotely for more than a year. So, with reopening underway, has there now been a shift in the way we perceive the necessity of traveling for business? MarketScale Say Yes to Travel host Sarah Dandashy weighed in. […]

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Is Europe Open for Business Travel?
July 30, 2021

With reopening marching forward, many organizations are looking to get their team members back on flights and back to in-person events where they can network, close deals, highlight products and more. But what’s the status for traveling for business to Europe? What does your organization need to know? Sarah Dandashy, host of MarketScale’s Say Yes […]

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Will Private Flights Chip Away at the First Class Market?
July 22, 2021

Driven by consumer desires for new experiences, innovative technologies and environmental impacts – travel is changing. Host Sarah Dandashy explores the technologies and logistics that power travel and the brands that build unforgettable experiences.   Flying private was once inaccessible to most, but the industry has changed, boasting flexibility and convenience for work and leisure. A […]

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Southwest CEO Speaks on Pent Up Travel Demand, Industry Outlook and more
April 22, 2021

Southwest CEO Gary Kelly says “no question the worst is behind us,” as he discusses first-quarter results, consumer and business travel demand, and the relaunch of Boeing 737 Max jets. Watch or read more below.   Host: You talked in the statement today and on the call about the worst being behind us, quote, what […]

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How Travel Companies are Tooling Strategies for Key Demographics
March 22, 2021

Got a case of the Mondays? Just take you work to the beach! Sounds pretty appealing, right? It is often advised not to mix business with pleasure but the era of remote work has shined new light on the combo. The virtual workplace of Zoom calls and Slack messages has led to the idea of […]

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People Don’t Miss Business Travel, says Airbnb CEO
March 17, 2021

Airbnb’s quarterly revenue blitzed analysts’ estimates, but it declined to give a financial forecast and is cautious about 20-21. CEO Brian Chesky tells Bloomberg Technology’s Emily Chang that indications are pointing to a big rebound in travel and the company is preparing for it. — Transcript:   Chesky: Our model is inherently adaptable, so however […]

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