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Cutting Through: Checking In with Aurora Multimedia at InfoComm 2021
In this episode of Cutting Through, the no B.S. Pro AV podcast from Aurora Multimedia, Host Tyler Kern joined CEO and CTO of Aurora Multimedia, Paul Harris, at InfoComm 2021. This Read more
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Touchless Meetings & Cloud-based AV Ecosystems at InfoComm 2021
  Hello everyone and welcome to Pro AV Today brought to you by MarketScale - I'm Ben Thomas. We've been working our way through our post-InfoComm 2021 hangover with a Read more
InfoComm 2021: Where Does Female Participation in AV Stand After the Past Year?
  Key Points: Female participation has traditionally been low in AV and Technology Industries. Women find having a lack of role models and unequal growth opportunities Read more
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InfoComm 2021: Can AI Take the Artificial Out of the Office Experience?
  Key Points: Many companies are facing and the question they're repeatedly asking is how they make the office a place that employees truly want to be? AI is really Read more
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InfoComm 2021: USC Invested in the Cloud During COVID. Will it Pay Off Long-Term?
  Universities have made some sweeping changes and added new capabilities to their offerings after the pandemic forced most schools to adapt. Now networks and systems are Read more
InfoComm 2021: Zoom Leads the Way for the Remote Workforce Revolution
  Key Points: A Gitlab report recently showed that 80% of remote workers would recommend working remotely to a friend. Being able to interface with colleagues Read more
MarketScale Counts Down the Best Moments of InfoComm 2021: Part 1
  InfoComm returned with a bang in 2021, bringing together innovative companies from across the world of AV in Orlando, Florida. MarketScale was there to bring you the top Read more
InfoComm 2021: How Under Armour Uses AV To Keep Employees Connected
  Key Points: Nyere Hollingsworth speaks with Tyler Kern on how Under Armour uses AV The virtual presence is just as significant as the physical presence of people in Read more
InfoComm 2021: How The AV Industry Is Surviving The Year of COVID
  Key Points: The AV industry has faced significant challenges over the past year. The AV industry has found comradery in dealing with the challenges. One of the Read more
InfoComm 2021: When the Pandemic Made AVoIP the Standard, Netgear Answered the Call
The MarketScale team is checking in with AV's biggest names and most innovative product developers at InfoComm 2021, and that includes hearing from the companies that supported mass Read more
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InfoComm 2021: The Real Impact of the Pandemic on AV’s Work and Workforce
The pandemic left lasting impacts on industry demographics and workflows; the AV industry is no exception. Our team on the ground at InfoComm 2021 wanted to get a pulse for some of Read more
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InfoComm 2021: How Architecture Embraced Disruption & Technology to Tackle Hybrid Work
   Key Points: The pandemic shifted the traditional office model. The notion of  hybrid work has been building for a long time. Companies must now focus on Read more
Don’t Touch This: Trends and Technology at InfoComm 2021
  Key Points: The cost in the LED market has dramatically decreased from a manufacturing perspective and a consumer demand perspective, LED's are a lot more attainable. The LED Read more
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Renkus-Heinz Brings the Sound Solution to InfoComm 2021
Foothill Ranch, California, Oct. 20, 2021 — Renkus-Heinz is excited to introduce InfoComm 2021 to the company’s past 20 months of innovations, all of which offer Sound Solutions for consultants, Read more
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Artificial Intelligence Challenge: These are the finalists for the 2021 KUKA Innovation Award
Innovations centered on the megatrend of artificial intelligence (AI): the finalists for the 2021 KUKA Innovation Award have been selected. Five teams convinced the international jury with their Read more
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Enterprise Audio is Back, Baby!
The demands for enterprise audio are much different from years past. The pandemic and changes in how people work and connect are behind much of this change. To get the pulse on what’s Read more
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The Past, Present and Future of Hologram Technology
  While hologram technology isn’t new, the modern application is night and day from where it started decades ago. To discuss its evolution and applications, Pro AV Today host Read more
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E4 Experience Brings Together Pro AV Stakeholders to Explore, Engage, Educate, and Expo
  The E4 Experience, hosted by Almo Professional AV and AVIXA, brought together pro AV and IT stakeholders on November 30 in Dallas. The 4 Es represent: Explore, Engage, Read more
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The E4 Expo in Dallas Highlights the Resurgence of the Regional Trade Show
The E4 Expo in Dallas has occurred for the past 12 years, but this year it will be earmarked as the industry’s first true hybrid event. Melody Craigmyle, Vice President of Marketing Read more
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Trade Shows are Back But Will They Be Packed in 2022?
  Commentary: In this episode of Straight Outta Crumpton, Hosts, Greg Crumpton and Tyler Kern, sat down with, Scott Meyers, VP of Operations and Strategic Services at Service Logic. Read more
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Remote Work Made Microsoft Teams a Household Name. It Also Forced the Software to Adapt.
  Commentary: The pandemic's mass shift of office work to remote and hybrid workflows was the perfect storm for remote collaboration tools to find new user bases, engage Read more
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Crestron’s Touchless Meetings Were Ahead of their Time Until COVID Made Them Essential
  Key Points: Crestron has seen a major shift in room designs as well as video conferencing technologies. As companies redesign their entire office space to Read more
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How Instacart’s Remote Collaboration Investments Supports Grocery Delivery
  Key Points: Tech disruptor Instacart made an appearance at InfoComm. The pandemic made Instacart's services a necessity. The mass increase in users put an Read more
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What the Shift to Virtual Studios Means for LED Manufacturers
   Key Points: Virtual studios will allow companies to have a presence at events both virtually and in-person. Virtual studios open up the possibilities for more Read more
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The Ratio for Live Content: Will Streaming or In-Person Events Prove More Popular?
  Key Points: The pandemic cost the live content industry billions. Companies turned to live streaming to facilitate events and engagement. The new model for events Read more
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Reinventing AV Furniture from the Ground Up with Scott Srolis of Salamander Designs
The needs of furniture evolve on a seemingly daily basis. Watch as Pro AV Today host Ben Thomas and Scott Srolis of Salamander Designs break down the role of furniture in modern day AV Read more
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Examining the “A” in AV Over IP
  AV over IP isn’t a new concept in the Pro AV market. Its prevalence is growing with the unique demands of the modern world. While the “v” or video over IP innovations have Read more
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How Software-based Conferencing is Revolutionizing Industries
  Keypoints: The popularity of Zoom exploded during the pandemic. Many companies adopted software-based conferencing during the pandemic. Many companies previously Read more