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Lights, Camera, Action: How Talking Head Videos are Revolutionizing Community Generated Content

One of the most popular types of CGC is the talking head video, which features a person speaking directly to the camera. Talking head videos have become a go-to for businesses, as they are a quick and easy way to create engaging content. But what makes talking head videos so effective for CGC?     […]

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B2B Weekly - Past Events
Unleashing Wisdom: Why Older Professionals Need To Become Content Creators

In the ever-evolving landscape of marketing, content creation has emerged as a vital aspect for companies to promote their brands and connect with their target audiences. Despite this recognition, a lingering misconception exists that only younger professionals can create authentic content. The recent episode of  B2B Weekly aims to dismantle this stereotype and empower […]

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Hire Education: Work from Home, Sustainability and Content Creation

What’s your why and where are you going? It’s an interesting philosophy and one that few would associate with the real estate industry. But that’s par for the course when it comes to speaking with Roy Reis, Senior Vice President at Cresa. Reis sat down with long-time colleague Alex Anderson, Chief Financial Officer at Catapult, […]

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Business Services
Why Content Media Outperforms Traditional Marketing

The essence of modern marketing is simple – you need to not only establish your brand as a key source of insight and education, but also to build a powerful community around that brand that drives engagement with your audience. In that world, traditional marketing doesn’t cut it anymore. To learn more, host Tyler […]

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How Owned Media Will Change Beauty Brand Marketing

These days, beauty branding is more than table talkers and shelf space. Attachment to mobile devices and more time at home skyrocketed online consumption which means brands need to market wherever consumers are scrolling. With more ways to market, comes more competition. Brands are not only battling with other brands and products but now they […]

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Bricks and Clicks
How The Content Pros Use SEO And Content To Sell

Jennifer Kaylo Ruscin guides retailers to be the hero and navigate the industry’s biggest B2B challenges online and offline.   All companies rely on content to get their message to the world. It comes in many shapes in forms: blogs, emails, Instagram, Twitter, web pages. But, what exactly is content, SEO and how do you make yours […]

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Business Casual: The Evolution of the Marketing Landscape

Chris Zona, Director of Brand & Marketing Communications for Gilbarco, helped break down the shifting marketing landscape from the traditional approach to focusing more on digital and content marketing, utilizing new techniques, technology, and social platforms to get a brand message across. “A lot of people make the misconception that it’s a shift completely […]

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wake up healthy
Hey, it’s 9 am… Wake up Healthy with 9amHealth!
April 12, 2024

Healthcare Rethink host Brian Urban explores ways to wake up healthy and stay healthy with his guest, Dr. Avantika Waring, MD, the Chief Medical Officer, at 9amHealth. This episode delves into the transformative approach to healthcare delivery championed by 9amHealth. Dr. Waring’s journey from a humanities student with a love for French to a […]

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public safety and security
Strengthen Public Safety and Security: Modernize Radio Communication for Better Field Response
April 11, 2024

The importance of radio communication within public safety and security operations remains unbeaten in an era dominated by digital transformation. This medium, essential for over a century, continues to be the lifeline for responders on the front lines. From ensuring the safety of field agents to facilitating real-time critical information flow and enhancing situational […]

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IDC Smart Cities Awards: Edge Computing is Helping Virginia Beach Tackle its Flooding Crisis
April 11, 2024

In remote and disaster-prone areas, the rapid deployment of Internet of Things (IoT) technologies coupled with artificial intelligence (AI) has opened new vistas for emergency management and community safety in smart cities. These leading IoT deployments, highlighted at the recent announcement of the IDC Smart Cities Awards winners, solidified the role that edge computing […]

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Next Gen 911 Sara Weston
Next Gen 911 Doesn’t Have a Final Destination, But Lack of Funding is Slowing the Adoption Journey
April 11, 2024

The transformation of emergency response systems through Next Gen 911 represents a critical evolution in public safety technology, enhancing emergency response capabilities with features like GPS tracking, live video, and real-time translation. As we move away from the outdated copper wire systems first implemented in the 1960s, the disparity between our personal devices and […]

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Other Articles
5 Ways to Position Your Retail Brand
October 29, 2020

On this episode of Bricks and Clicks, host Jennifer Kaylo Ruscin shares her top five tips for establishing a social media presence and gaining an audience. 1. Show Up – Start posting. It can be as simple as a meme (people freakin love memes) or a quote. Or maybe it’s something from your industry. As you build your courage, […]

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Professional Cheeseburger Taster Job is a Case in Creative Marketing
September 22, 2020

Everyone has their own definition of “dream job,” but for fans of all-American food, there’s no better job than “Cheeseburger Tester.” According to CNN, the casino review site, BonusFinder, announced the paid “job,” to coincide with National Cheeseburger Day, September 18. The marketing strategy is not new. Ambassadorships, competitions, and payouts have been used to […]

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How Sales Can Leverage Educational Content to Build Relationships
September 10, 2020

Most B2B businesses have adopted content marketing strategies, delivering relevant content to audiences to drive interest and leads. A pillar of that content is that it’s educational. The more educated a customer is, the more likely they’ll buy from the brand that shared their knowledge. This sentiment is one that EtherWAN Systems believes in, and Jim […]

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How to Find a Marketing Firm You Can Trust with Your Brand
March 26, 2020

It’s a fact: every brand and business must have an online presence in order to stay relevant and competitive in today’s marketplace. This online voice is more important than ever, as society operates largely on digital platforms for purchases, entertainment and socializing. So how do marketing departments keep up with digital marketing? And, if […]

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NanoSessions: How to Decipher Digital Display Technology As a Novice User
September 24, 2019

Without a background or steady base of knowledge of Pro AV, it’s honestly hard to keep up with all the advanced digital display technology that NanoLumens puts to work in its state-of-the-art displays. Micro LED versus LCD, pixels, pitch, curved display… for a new customer or someone new to the industry, learning and understanding all […]

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One Screen or Two? Content Marketers Have to Decide
May 24, 2019

Beyond the technology of Pro AV, today’s digital screens are delivering powerful, and in many cases data-driven content, to audiences everywhere. At venues, on the street, or at the store, consumers are looking for more interactive and engaging content. Unfortunately, not every marketer fully grasps how to use their digital signage to its fullest […]

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The Fourth Revolution: Passion for High Performance Translates to Compelling Content
April 29, 2019

In this inaugural episode of The Fourth Revolution, brought to you by Bartell, we tapped into the fervent passion that Bartell employees have for the automotive industry, and why one particular team member’s love for cars gives him an edge in the marketplace. We sat down with marketing content coordinator Jonathan Kahn to discuss […]

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Maneuvering the Digital Marketing Pitfalls of 2019
April 9, 2019

In the digital age, advertising and marketing has pulled away from TV and embraced more experiential and cross-platform content. As consumer media habits change, advertising and marketing methods must adapt, and with today’s 24/7 content expectations, the end result has to reach the consumer authentically and at all times. Cedric Lourie, Director of Digital […]

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