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School Safety Today: Understanding the Role of Lockdown Drills

  Lockdown drills: they may be an increasing trend in education systems across the country, but there is a debate on the merits of these drills versus the impact they have on students, teachers, and staff. Which causes more harm, the threat of a shooting occurring, or the stress imposed by participating in lockdown drills? […]

School Safety Today: Preparing for the Next Wave of School Safety Challenges

School safety is an umbrella with many different aspects underneath it. The evolution of this principle continues, as it has to include everything from natural disasters to violence to a pandemic. Providing insights on this shift, School Safety Today host Daniel Litwin spoke with the former superintendent of Santa Fe TX ISD, Dr. Leigh Wall. […]

School Safety Today: Survey Says—Gap on Perception of School Safety

Is there a gap between how parents and students perceive a particular school’s safety and how the school administrators do? A 2021 survey in partnership with Raptor Technologies revealed a wide gap in the viewpoints of school safety initiatives. Students and parents are less confident than administrators in several critical areas, including a 30-point gap […]

Returning Safely: Navigating School Safety and Emergencies

Schools will be back and mostly open for in-person learning in a few weeks. As students return, challenges around safety and emergencies still exist. So, how can schools be prepared? Offering his expert perspective, Frank Kitzerow, Retired Chief of Police and District Security for Palm Beach County School District, spoke with School Safety Today host […]

What Safety Challenges Are There for Schools Reopening this Fall?

As in-person schooling returns, what should the top priorities be for facility managers? School safety priorities, strategies and challenges have changed. To address these, School Safety Today host Daniel Litwin spoke with Paul Timm, VP of Facility Engineering Associates. Timm has years of experience in the industry and was honored as one of the Most […]

How to Address Student Mental Health and Emergency Preparedness during Reopening

Returning to school full-time is going to be a challenge for students. Combine the anxiety of being back together with uncertainty and a readjustment to in-person classroom life, some of which will also likely be mixed in with remote learning, and life moving forward will be complicated for students. On this episode of the School […]