Part 1: State of the Union for Sterile Processing and Technology

Many areas of healthcare struggle with staffing issues, requiring personnel to do more with fewer resources. Sterile processing departments are not immune to these issues. Today, increased responsibilities and difficulty finding and retaining qualified employees to manage these critical tasks are challenging to solve. Even with data tracking tools and platforms, making sense of all […]

Stop Digging for Data: Uncover Productivity Issues and Opportunities in Minutes

  Sterile Processing Departments (SPDs), as with all other industries in healthcare, are struggling with supply chain concerns, a lack of steady commitment from staff, and a workforce shortage. Additionally, SPDs have long dealt with issues in staffing shortages, which even extends to how facilities maximize their spaces. Seamus Johnson, Senior Director of Application Development […]

ConCensis Panel of Purpose: Censis Technology Users Conference (CTUC)

This year, the theme for the Censis Technologies Users Conference (CTUC), is the “Power of Purpose.” ConCensis Host Gabrielle Bejarano was joined by the following from Censis to dive into the purpose of the conference and this year’s theme: President Ankush Kaul, Allison Flood, VP, Customer Success & Service, Barry Phetteplace, Chief Technology Officer, and […]

ConCensis: How to Bring Your Scope Management Process Into the 21st Century

Endoscopes are complex surgical assets made with various intricate parts depending on their use. Processing includes sterilizing, cleaning, transporting, and storing these tools. All of this requires intense asset management. To discuss moving scope process into the technological age, host Tyler Kern invited Jacob Long, Director – Sales Engineering, and Hannah Shipp, Product Owner – […]

Innovation Station: The Future of Sterile Processing

Everything begins with the customer journey to create the innovations that will shape the future of sterile processing. Barry Phetteplace, Chief Technology Officer at Censis, and Susan Isaac, Product Director at Censis, shared the strategy that guides their teams in developing advanced sterile processing solutions. Isaac said Censis tackles a problem by examining the customer […]

Do You Know Where Your Instruments Are? How Surgical Instrument Marking Can Improve Your Perioperative feat. Bill Camargo and Jennifer Bingaman

Ahead of any surgical procedure or operation is the preparation of surgical instruments. In the latest episode of the podcast “ConCensis,” host Tyler Kern discussed the ins and outs of how Censis utilizes its software to facilitate the use of surgical instruments throughout the full perioperative loop by putting marks on each individual instrument. He […]

Implementation Strategy: What Does a Successful Surgical Instrument Management System Implementation Look Like?

Technology plays a central role in every aspect of medical advancement — even in the surgical asset management field. On an episode of ConCensis host, Tyler Kern was joined by Theresa Cole, a Sterile Processing Manager at Northern Nevada Sierra Hospital, and Jason Blake, a project manager with Censis Technologies – the company behind CensiTrac, […]

The Loaner Tray Conundrum – How to Accurately Track Loaner Trays Throughout Your Department

Susie Martin, Project Manager with Professional Services at Censis Technologies, Inc., and Carrie Miller, Perioperative Enterprise Coordinator at The Ohio State University, spoke with ConCensis about best practices for loaner tray management. Miller said that in the case of Ohio State University’s healthcare network, Censis’ LoanerLink is a critical solution for efficient and safe loaner […]

ConCensis: Tracking to Infinity and Beyond with an Instrument Tracking System

Seamus Johnson, Senior Director of Application Development and Jacob Long, Sales Engineer at Censis, spoke with Host Tyler Kern about what instrument tracking is and how it is revolutionizing hospitals. Instruments often disappear, and the idea behind tracking is use barcodes and scan trays so instruments are traceable. “Being able to have almost like a […]

ConCensis: Love at First Assessment – Using Utilization Assessments to Uncover Blind Spots in Your Sterile Processing Department

CensiTrac is a powerful tool for any medical organization, and Censis wants to make sure organizations get the most from it, which is why they conduct onsite utilization assessments. Cody Pregler, Clinical EducatorforCensis,spoke with Tyler Kern on the multitude of ways Censis maximizes efficiencies with advanced clinical support through their ServicePlus model. What exactly does […]

ConCensis: Six New Year’s Resolutions for 2022

  Every new year brings with it New Year’s resolutions. And these resolutions don’t have to be personal goals, as Censis Clinical Educator Jill Sweeney explained to ConCensis’ Tyler Kern. Resolutions can also apply to effective surgical instrument management. Sweeney gave Kern six solid ways that CensiTrac can help steer 2022 in the right direction. […]

The Instrument Tracking Data Goldmine

Hank Balch, founder and President of Beyond Clean, joined host Hilary Kennedy on ConCensis to discuss how instrument tracking data can be a resume goldmine in today’s sterile processing landscape. Balch has a long and extensive resume filled with of industry awards, blogs, social media prowess and conference speeches. Balch started as a frontline technician […]

Part Two: Navigating Change As A Leader In Today’s World: ConCensis

As leaders, it’s always important to listen to your employees. But, now might be the most crucial time to listen and understand the needs of employees who are going through tumultuous times. Empathy and appreciation are vital tools as leaders look to navigate the pandemic. On the second part of this ConCensis podcast episode, Host […]

Part One: Navigating Change As A Leader In Today’s World: ConCensis

As a society at large, we’ve gone through a massive cultural upheaval and have had many of our societal norms challenged by a time of crisis. Not only was this a strain on everyone’s day-to-day stability, but it also put a wrench in most office-setting business leadership. On this first part of a Censis Technologies […]

Utilizing Reporting in CensiTrac to Improve Efficiencies in Sterile Processing Departments

  CensiTrac’s robust reporting capabilities can provide sterile processing departments (SPDs) with a wealth of opportunities for efficiencies. Dalton Carter, Technical Support Manager at Censis, discussed some of these CensiTrac features with host Hilary Kennedy. “SPD’s need to report on a wealth of important information from sterilization records to employee productivity to anything with case […]

Answering Challenges in the Use of Immediate Use Steam Sterilization

  Healthcare has plenty of potential pain points to go around, but one of the industry’s longest lasting is the proper use of immediate use steam sterilization, or IUSS. The procedure, traditionally known as “flash sterilization,” offers the quickest possible time between an instrument’s use and its ability to be used again. However, that benefit […]

Sterile Processing Pillars: Readiness, Traceability, and Communication

  There’s never been a greater need for hospitals and other healthcare operations to have full visibility into their assets and how they’re being used in operating room settings and beyond. In a healthcare landscape that’s seen most healthcare operations adopt some form of electronic health records (EHR) solution, Censis’s solutions can integrate with those […]

The Lifecycle of a Container

  On this episode of the podcast, host Tyler Kern talked with Kelly Swails, Senior Clinical Educator for Censis Technologies, the industry leader in surgical instrument management systems, offering advanced, web-based software systems. Kern and Swails talked about the lifecycle of a container and the importance of tracking during the process. Today, we’re talking about […]

The Life of a Scope

  Sam Harrison, Senior Clinical Educator at Censis Technologies, provided Tyler Kern with an education in endoscopy when he guided him through the lifecycle of a scope and how Censis technologies’ ScopeTrac and CensiTrac play a vital role in the process. Scopes first go through a deamination process before they enter the OR. CensiTrac then […]