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Las Vegas’ MGM Resorts Prepares to Welcome Back Large Scale Conventions

Avoiding high touch surfaces and gathering in large groups spelled trouble for Las Vegas, where conventions and casinos are the driving streams of revenue. The city continues to struggle through a pandemic recovery, but MGM Resorts is confident it can begin to operate conventions again in a safe way. Rapid response testing, socially distanced partitions, […]

Disney Parks Cut Labor Force by 28,000 Amid Difficult Recovery

Disney theme parks are becoming a small world after all as the company announces a massive round of layoffs to its part-time employees. According to the BBC, Disney lost 4.7 billion dollars in revenue in just three months of being closed due to the coronavirus pandemic. The layoffs apply to Disney’s US based parks in […]

Walmart Moves Forward at Scale with its Shopping Experience Redesign

The pandemic has drastically changed the way we shop, but Walmart already had plans to make changes before COVID-19. According to USA Today, the big-box store plans to roll out a brand new store design and app integration to over 200 locations. Inspired by airport wayfinding, the changes aim to manage large groups of people […]

Will Consumers React Well to Ring’s New Drone Security Camera?

The Amazon-owned security camera, Ring, is going airborne with a surprising new offering for homeowners. The recently announced Always Home Cam is a small drone that flies around an owner’s house, providing real-time visuals of any mapped room. With a price point targeted at $250, the Always Home Cam will integrate with Ring devices’ existing […]

Epic Games Teams Up with Developers to Take a Bigger Bite out of Apple

  In this Business Casual segment, Daniel Litwin and Tyler Kern weigh in on some updates to the public battle between Epic Games & Apple over the latter’s app store prices and practices. In retaliation to Apple’s app store fees, Epic Games and other high profile app developers like Tinder’s Match Group & Spotify formed […]

Amazon Pumps the Brakes on Echelon’s “Prime Bike”

When Tuesday’s announcement by Echelon Fitness that their $500 exercise bike, dubbed the ‘Prime Bike,’ would be an Amazon Prime customer exclusive, Peloton’s stock fell as much as 6.7%. Was the at-home fitness market perhaps too early to react? In a bit of a twist, Amazon quickly denied association with the bike, and ordered any […]

General Electric Ditches Coal Power in Favor of Offshore Wind

According to CNN Business, General Electric announced Monday it would not buy nor build any more coal power plants. The company’s announcement comes as a shock just 5 short years after it acquired Alstom’s power business for over 9 billion dollars. GE Power CEO, Russel Stokes, said the company is shifting focus to power generation […]

Microsoft Upgrades Teams to Meet Remote Work Needs

For well over a quarter of the US labor force, working from home is a semi-permanent reality. That means Zoom meetings aren’t just a passing phenomenon. Microsoft is meeting the needs of many remote workers with their product, “Microsoft Teams.” Engadget recently reported a sweeping update of Teams’ functionality and services. The developments include virtual meeting […]

Amazon is Reportedly Stifling Competitor Ads

Amazon is no stranger to scrutiny over its business practices. The online marketplace already has a stronghold over fast delivery of consumer goods. But CNBC reported on a recent investigation by Wall Street Journal, revealing the ecommerce giant may be taking their power a step further. Amazon appears to be blocking competitor ads that compete […]

NYC Adds Dining Out Tax in an Effort to Help Restaurants

Small business restaurants have been particularly hard hit by COVID’s lockdown measures. In NYC, a COVID hotspot, restaurants have only recently reopened to limited capacity. As the weather cools and outdoor dining becomes more difficult, restaurants face continued revenue obstacles. According to Food & Wine, the city aims to combat this economic hardship by allowing […]

Professional Cheeseburger Taster Job is a Case in Creative Marketing

Everyone has their own definition of “dream job,” but for fans of all-American food, there’s no better job than “Cheeseburger Tester.” According to CNN, the casino review site, BonusFinder, announced the paid “job,” to coincide with National Cheeseburger Day, September 18. The marketing strategy is not new. Ambassadorships, competitions, and payouts have been used to […]

Remote Education Struggles to Reach Students in Salt Lake City

As Salt Lake City went back to school this week entirely virtual, the school district saw a major drop in enrollment and a shocking lack of student participation. The cause? Many students lack the equipment needed to log in to class. According to the Salt Lake City Tribune, 14% of the student population had not […]

DraftKings Expands its Pro Sports Market Share with New Partnerships

  Sports fans have been satiating their craving for the stadium by participating in online sports betting and fantasy sports as the pandemic prevents large gatherings. Virtual sports events are only expected to continue rising in popularity, and DraftKings is betting on it. The company’s new public partnerships with ESPN & the New York Giants […]

Parents Struggle to Afford High-Tech Back to School Shopping

73% of the nation’s largest school districts are still educating students remotely this Fall. This means back to school shopping isn’t about that new backpack, but about buying bluetooth headphones, software, and computers to connect to the classroom. Parents are finding equipping their kids with the right tools is pricier than past years. According to […]

Oracle Wins Bid for TikTok But Still Seeks Political Approval

  The race to buy Gen Z’s favorite social media app, TikTok, has been front and center in the past few weeks. Finally, TikTok’s Chinese parent company, ByteDance, struck a deal with Oracle after turning down bids from Microsoft and Walmart. As President Trump’s ban of TikTok looms this weekend, US officials still need to […]

Target Pledges to Hire More Black Employees Over the Next Three Years

  Target Corp recently pledged to increase diversity throughout their retail company, focusing on hiring and retaining black employees. Target’s publicly released data showed black employees made up 15% of their workforce last year, according to StarTribune. In the next 3 years, Target aims to increase that by 20%, with a special focus on presenting […]

Executives at Mining Company Take the Fall For Destroying Ancient Archeological Site

In pursuit of iron ore, the Australian mining company Rio Tinto, blasted through the historic caves of the Jukkan Gorge. The area is rich in aboriginal heritage dating back almost 50,000 years. Rio Tinto shareholders and investors were outraged, and the public outcry forced top executives to resign, according to CNN. Still, as per their […]

Kohl’s Invests Big in Customer Cash Back Loyalty Program

Department store retailer, Kohls, recently got booted from the S&P 500 index, losing its spot to online artisan market, Etsy. In a bold new move, Kohl’s decides to rework its customer reward system, dropping points and going all in on its signature Kohl’s Cash. According to USA today, Kohl’s chief marketing officer said the change […]

McDonald’s Revives Celebrity Brand Collaboration with Travis Scott Burger

Twenty eight years ago, McDonald’s partnered with Michael Jordan to brand, market, and sell their meals. The fast-food chain has not attempted a celebrity branded partnership since…until now. On September 8, Variety reported the brand collaboration between McDonald’s and Travis Scott. Fans of Travis’ psychedelic hip-hop can now order his signature McDonald’s meal: a fully […]

Peloton Cuts Product Prices in Attempt to Expand Customer Base

Gyms were hit particularly hard by the pandemic, but are beginning to see tentative traffic as business opens back up. Targeting these cautious gym-goers, Peloton creates new, more affordable products aimed at those still wanting to work out from home. After Peloton’s Tuesday announcement, NBC News reported consumer doubts that the company’s marketing tactic would […]

Minnesota Icon Surly Beer Hall Permanently Closes Doors

Clinking cold pints on a hot day with friends is a familiar sound of summer. But 2020 has a different summer in store for craft breweries. In Minneapolis, CBS Minnesota reports the Surly Beer Hall will “close indefinitely in November.” This particular beer hall paved the way for other Minnesota craft breweries to serve beer […]

Will US Airlines Dropping Change Fees Get Customers Booking Again?

Few industries have been hit as hard by the global pandemic as the airline industry. Even as the U.S. State Department lifts its “Do not travel,” advisory, travel is merely trickling back. With business travelers still not booking, and perhaps never fully coming back, airlines turn to serve leisure travel customers. According to CNN Business, […]

Target’s Business Model Proves More Profitable Than Its Competitors: Business Casual

  With the pandemic drastically changing the landscape of retail, America’s largest chains have had to pivot on a dime. So who has emerged as the leader? Judging by profits alone, Target far outperformed its competitors. According to The Motley Fool, Target reported a 9.6% operating margin in the second quarter, compared to the respective 5.5% […]

Why Uber & Lyft Threatened to Leave California For Good: Business Casual

  Uber & Lyft are experiencing serious deja-vu as California cracks down on their business model, similar to when an Austin, TX ballot proposition pushed the ride share companies out in 2016. California, in a well-intentioned effort to get gig-workers better benefits, demanded the Big Tech companies make their freelancers employees, not contractors. In retaliation […]

Jobs Are Out There But Hiring Data Remains Muddy: Business Casual

  The Trump Administration and ADP (Automatic Data Processing Inc.) have varying figures on the Summer’s hiring data, but one thing is for certain: hiring slowed in July, reported the Washington Post. The slowdown coincides with the coronavirus re-gaining momentum, and the disappointing numbers also come at a pivotal moment as Congress deliberates over a […]

Facebook Faces Pressure as Advertisers Press Pause on Hate: Business Casual

  With 2.5 million monthly active users as of 2020, Facebook is arguably the largest social media site in the world. But is the company doing enough to prevent hate speech on its platform? According to, the answer is no. Long criticized for their laxity in combatting hate speech, facing public pressure, employee unrest […]

Business Casual: GE Flips the Switch to Off on Lighting Business

  For nearly 130 years, General Electric has been bringing good things to light, and throughout the 20th century, the company carried on its founder’s tradition of experimentation and innovation by perfecting the fluorescent bulb, halogen bulb and LED, among other lighting innovations. Founded in 1892 by Thomas Edison, the inventor of the incandescent bulb […]

Business Casual: Instagram Experiments with Creator Content Monetization Features & IGTV Ads

  During the COVID-19 crisis, as creators embraced Live in new ways, Instagram viewership increased 70% from February to March. Offering new ways for creators to make money through Instagram Live and IGTV, on Wednesday, Instagram launched new tools aimed at boosting revenues for video artistes. While the features are currently in a testing phase, […]

Business Casual: NFL and EA Extend Madden Video Game Contract Through 2026

  Selling more than 130 million copies since it started in 1989, thus, making it one of two video sports games ever to sell more than 100 million copies, the Madden franchise will continue to be a part of the gaming world for at least the next six years. Recently approving an extension of their […]

Warner Music Group Proceeds with IPO, Reflecting a Re-Stabilization of the Music Industry: Business Casual

  At one time, the compact disc (CD) was so popular, so profitable that the music industry couldn’t imagine life without it…until it had to. A disruption nobody had foreseen, advances in technology are to blame for the death of the music industry’s biggest money-spinner. Spawned by file-sharing via Napster and Limewire and the launch […]

A Peak at Six Flags’ Reopening Approach Mid-Pandemic: Business Casual

  Six Flags Frontier City announces planned reopening for June 5th with restrictions in place to keep guests and employees safe. As businesses continue to reopen across the country, children and adrenaline junkies alike have been eagerly anticipating the reopening of the gates at their favorite amusement parks. While Walt Disney World isn’t slated for […]

Will Tulsa Woo Tesla? It’s Certainly Trying: Business Casual

  The City of Tulsa is pulling out all the stops in its attempt to woo electric vehicle juggernaut Tesla. The city transformed its “Golden Driller” statue, a 75-foot behemoth, into Tesla founder Elon Musk, trying to convince the company to bring its next manufacturing plant to Oklahoma. The plant will produce Tesla Model Y […]

How Spotify is Taking Over Podcasting: Business Casual

  On the “Secure the Bag” segment of Business Casual, host Daniel Litwin was joined by MarketScale’s Taylor Bagley to ponder a big question – is Spotify the platform to beat when it comes to podcasts? The company recently acquired “The Joe Rogan Experience,” a wildly popular podcast that will now live exclusively on Spotify. […]

Will Scanning for Elevated Temperatures Really Become a Prerequisite for Doing Business?: Business Casual

  As a response to the spread of the novel coronavirus and the ensuing COVID-19 pandemic, many operations have turned to elevated temperature scanning solutions to provide a screening method for their physical gathering spaces. While the technology seems like a no-brainer on the surface, is it as beneficial as it sounds? In some cases, […]

Greenpeace Report Puts Distance Between Big Tech and Big Oil: Business Casual

  After Tuesday’s Greenpeace report highlighting how Google, Microsoft, and Amazon use AI and warehouse servers to support the location and retrieval of oil and gas deposits from the earth for the likes of Shell, BP, and ExxonMobil—helping big oil profit from climate destruction—a Google spokesperson unloaded a bombshell pledge, confirming that the company “will […]

Renewable Sources Lead the Energy Industry During the Pandemic: Business Casual

  With roughly 4.2 billion people around the world subject to some form of lockdown in an effort to slow the spread of the coronavirus, the International Energy Agency said it expects global energy demand to plunge this year in what the Paris-based agency called the biggest drop since World War II. Further, according to […]

Convenience Versus Community as Consumers Debate Using Third-Party Delivery Apps: Business Casual

  For years now, third-party food delivery apps like UberEats, Caviar, GrubHub, and Postmates, as well as the shop and delivery apps owned by eCommerce giants such as Amazon or AliBaba, have gained a foothold in communities around the world, transforming traditional shop-in and dine-in business models by offering an innovative approach to capturing additional […]

Germany Kicks Off Post-Pandemic Soccer: Business Casual

  When compared to other countries, Germany was surprisingly swift in rolling out widespread coronavirus testing, and today, the nation is admired for its success in containing one of the modern world’s worst pandemics. As the country gradually withdraws from its self-imposed isolation, one monumental move forward is being eagerly anticipated by soccer fans across […]

Business Casual: Uber Jumps Ship on Jump

  As businesses across the globe try to remain afloat during the COVID-19 pandemic, many are rethinking their business models, implementing contingency plans and adjusting operations to adapt to an uncertain economy in order to mitigate risk during this black swan event. However, some companies, such as Uber, have had to take more drastic measures, […]

Business Casual: Looking Forward to the Post-Pandemic Office Landscape

  Amid stay at home orders due to the COVID-19 crisis, the daily work lives of people around the world were upended by social distancing, resulting in a large-scale transition to remote workplaces for employees not considered essential. The biggest challenge employers faced was implementing the technology to ensure seamless connectivity and business as usual, […]

Business Casual: Pepsi Pops the Top on Online Snacking

  During the coronavirus crisis, the divide between online and brick and mortar businesses widened rampantly, amplifying gains for companies that catered to their customers online. And as online purchases continued to gain exponential momentum during these uncertain times, countless companies that relied on in-person browsing were compelled to make a digital shift just to […]

Kohl’s Real Estate is Giving it the Leg Up

  Though the pandemic has been a hard hit on retailers, Kohl’s is showing surprising confidence in their post-pandemic outlook. Kohl’s announced Thursday morning that it plans to have 25% of its stores reopened by the week of May 11, including in states such as Texas, Alaska, Arkansas, South Carolina, Utah and Oklahoma. According to […]

Zoom Returns to New York City Schools after Platform Ban

  After the New York City school district banned Zoom as a web conferencing platform due to privacy and security concerns, the ban is now being lifted, putting the pandemic’s leading conferencing solution back into educators’ and students’ hands. The New York City Department of Education was initially concerned about the safety of virtual classrooms […]

Kevin Hogan Brings a Fresh Perspective to MarketScale’s EdTech Publication

  MarketScale is always growing its network of contributors across industries. On this Business Casual snippet, Voice of B2B Daniel Litwin welcomes Kevin Hogan, MarketScale newest education technology contributor and writer, to shed light on his partnership with MarketScale and the EdTech content to come. A forward thinking media executive with more than 25 years […]

CVS’ COVID-19 Response Gave Them Q1 Success

  Even with the pandemic, drugstore chain CVS had an sales-heavy Q1. Its same-store pharmacy sales went up 9.3%, and same-story front-of-store sales rose 8%. Prescription volume wasn’t immune to growth either, up by nearly 10%. Why, where as other drugstores are struggling, is CVS succeeding? On this episode of Business Casual’s Secure The Bag, […]

Windows Continues OS Domination as Ubuntu, macOS Gain Ground

  The major PC operating systems are constantly fighting for market dominance. Though Microsoft’s Windows rarely has its No. 1 position challenged, and continues to see growth and expansion of its OS solutions, the COVID-19 pandemic may have thrown a slight wrench in their continued success. Microsoft, overall, has seen growth in Windows 10 over […]

Google Finally Brings Analytics to its Podcast Service

  Google Podcasts is working to make its platform as competitive for the future of podcast streaming as Apple Podcasts and Spotify. To give creators more tools and insights on their content, Google has launched its Google Podcasts Manager, a new service for robust podcast data in dashboard form. On this Business Casual snippet, hosts […]

Energy Demand During the Pandemic is at a New Low

  Due to the COVID-19 pandemic, energy demand across the globe is hitting new lows. According to a new International Energy Agency report, energy demand is projected to drop by 6 percent in 2020, which is the most significant dip in recorded human history. On this Business Casual segment, hosts Daniel Litwin, Tyler Kern and […]

Unemployed Workforce Turns to Amazon, Gig Economy, and Grocers for Jobs: Business Casual

  On this snippet from Business Casual, host Daniel Litwin paints a picture of the potentially massive spike in unemployment around the corner due to coronavirus. As more workers at small businesses or in service industries lose their jobs, large entities in our economy look to hire en masse: grocers, gig economy platforms, and ecommerce giants. […]

Who Gets To Work From Home and How We Make The Most Of It: Business Casual

  On this snippet from Business Casual, host Daniel Litwin takes a look at the positives and the negatives of the new work-from-home reality that many American workers are adjusting to. While many corporate, managerial and administrative jobs are transitioning to remote work, many essential employees have no choice but to come into work. Daniel […]

Coronavirus Prompting Big-Box & Gig Job Employers to Tweak Sick-Leave Policies: Business Casual

  As the spread of coronavirus continues to spike here in the U.S., both impacting our economy and leaving people sick and/or quarantined for prolonged amounts of time, it’s disconcerting to say the least, that our country has no federal paid sick-leave mandate that ensures affected employees are paid while recovering rather than having to […]

Are Bidets a Coronavirus Trend or Here to Stay?: Business Casual

  Quarantines are considered a measure of last resort when no preferable means is available to halt the spread of a deadly communicable disease. However, as the number of confirmed coronavirus cases continue to rise in the U.S., many citizens are flocking to stores to buy products that can last them for the long haul […]

White House Turns to Big Tech to Fight Coronavirus: Business Casual

  On this episode of MarketScale’s Business Casual, hosts Tyler Kern and Voice of B2B Daniel Litwin discuss U.S. Chief Technology Officer Michael Kratsios’ remote conference call to some of the biggest players in tech, requesting their help in mapping out a response plan to the COVID-19 pandemic. So, what exactly is the White House […]

The Importance of Women Feeling Confident in a Male-Dominant Field: New Fashioned

  This is the inaugural episode of MarketScale’s New Fashioned podcast, hosted by Elise Hansen, where Elise and her guests will take long-form looks at trends in every industry through a young professional’s lens. Our first guest, Debbie Scanlon, partner at BKD, LLP, joined the podcast to talk about International Women’s Day and the importance […]

Tito’s Vodka Takes on Twitter Jokesters in Wake of Coronavirus Fears: Business Casual

  On this “Secure the Bag” segment of Business Casual with Voice of B2B Daniel Litwin and Tyler Kern, contributor Taylor Bagley took on the recent Twitter performance of Tito’s Vodka, and Austin, Texas-based distiller. Specifically, Tito’s took to the social media platform last week to call out Twitter users jumping on a joke trend […]

Twitter CEO Jack Dorsey Under Pressure from New Mega-Donor: Business Casual

  Twitter CEO Jack Dorsey has come under fire from a new stakeholder in recent weeks, as Paul Singer of Elliott Management who now owns between 4% and 5% of the social media site, have been vocal in his opposition to the longtime Twitter king. Singer is a major GOP political contributor and venture capitalist, […]

Coronavirus Impact Being Felt by Big Tech in Pacific Northwest: Business Casual

  On this episode of Business Casual, Voice of B2B Daniel Litwin and host Tyler Kern discuss the continued fallout of the spread of coronavirus and the concerns that come alongside it. As of late, major tech giants in the Pacific Northwest, in particular in Seattle, have had to send employees home to work remotely. […]

A Coronavirus Economic Update: Business Casual

  With the number of coronavirus cases worldwide approaching 80,000 (most of them in China) with 35 cases already reported in the U.S., and a death toll that now tops 2,600, both American and international companies are apprehensive over the likely economic impacts, warning that reduced flows into and out of the world’s second-largest economy […]

Intuit Corners the Personal Finance Market: Business Casual

  Set to close in the second half of 2020—if it clears the regulatory process—Intuit’s acquisition of Credit Karma for $7.1 billion in cash and stock will basically limit taxpayers to essentially one key player in the tax filing space. As the parent company of TurboTax, Intuit’s purchase will corner the market to some degree, […]

Recapping a Busy Week at CES in Las Vegas on Business Casual

  Daniel Litwin is back from CES in Las Vegas! We recapped his busy week by playing audio from two separate interviews he conducted while he was there and discussed some of the major themes of the show. Our first interview was with Gary Mittman, CEO and Executive Chairman of Kerv Interactive. He discussed how technology is […]

Business Casual: Can Tesla Pick Up New Customers With It’s Latest Reveal?

  On this episode of Business Casual, hosts Geoffrey Short and Taylor Bagley dive into four stories that are changing the business landscape as well as how people travel, eat and stay healthy. Today’s headlines include the unveiling of Tesla’s new ‘cybertruck‘, the implementation of analytics to solve and age-old problem in Las Vegas, and […]

Business Casual: Burger, Fries, and a Side of Antibiotics

  Each year the Chain Reaction Antibiotics Scorecard is released to give fast and fast casual restaurants a grade for their antibiotics policies regarding meat. Which brands scored highly and which ones didn’t? Find out as Tyler quizzes Daniel on some of the most popular chains in the world. Tune in to MarketScale Radio LIVE […]

Business Casual: Did Millennials Kill MillerCoors?

  Molson Coors announced a massive restructure that will effectively kill the MillerCoors brand. As a result, the company will be terminating between 400 and 500 salaried positions. One article stated that the reasoning behind this was that millennials are consuming less beer. One our hosts, Tyler Kern, took exception to this explanation and let […]

Business Casual: Twitter Bans Political Ads

  Twitter CEO Jack Dorsey announced that the social media outlet had decided to ban all political and issue advertisements as of November 22. Is this a wise move in light of the scrutiny Facebook is receiving, or is this a cop out to avoid dealing with the difficult issues of our time? Hear what […]

Business Casual: The Past, Present, and Future of the Internet with Gerry Mecca

  Gerry Mecca, IT expert and host of the Mecca Minute, joined Business Casual to discuss the 50th birthday of the internet. From the early days of dial up modems and chat rooms to IoT and the cloud, no one could have predicted how the internet was going to develop in its first 50 years. Gerry […]

Business Casual: The NCAA Opens the Door for Athletes to be Compensated

  The NCAA voted unanimously to allow its players to financially benefit from the use of their image, likeness, and name. This vote comes after the governing body of college sports fought against a similar law being passed in California. Why the change and what are the greater implications for college athletics? Tyler Kern and […]

Business Casual: Reaction to Boeing CEO Dennis Muilenburg’s Senate Testimony

  Boeing CEO Dennis Muilenburg appeared before the U.S. Senate Committee on Commerce, Science and Transportation on Tuesday to discuss concerns over the 737 Max aircraft and the future of aviation safety. Muilenburg began his testimony with an apology to the families of those who lost their lives in two separate crashes involving the 737 […]

Business Casual: Is Lyft Keeping Their Drivers in the Dark?

  A change to the drivers’ app for Lyft has some wondering if the rideshare company is intentionally keeping their drivers in the dark about the way the company is splitting fares. Where there was once a “Ride Pays” section available for drivers to see on the app, there’s now only a link that directs […]

Business Casual: The Current State of the Trade War Between the U.S. and China

  Could the trade war between the United States and China be inching towards a resolution? Some indicators are pointing to that answer being yes. But the primary question is: What has this trade war actually achieved? To answer that question, Daniel Litwin and Tyler Kern talked to Phil Levy, Chief Economist for Flexport. Hear […]

Business Casual: What a UAW-GM Deal Means for the Auto Industry

  As the United Auto Workers and General Motors Co. work to strike a new deal the focus has turned to how this agreement will be set up to accommodate changes that are coming for the auto industry. On this excerpt from Business Casual, Daniel Litwin broke down the proposed changes and what they would mean for the […]

Business Casual: Cable-Tec Expo 2019, Uber Helicopters, and Disney+

  On this episode of Business Casual with Daniel Litwin and Tyler Kern: We put a bow on our coverage of Cable-Tec Expo 2019 with a montage detailing the thoughts from a number of industry leaders on the impact of 5G and 10G. Disney and Amazon are at odds over Disney’s new streaming platform. Find […]

tabletop technology

The Tabletop Technology Revolution Isn’t Here Quite Yet: Business Casual

  We’ve heard a lot in recent year about the promise of new technology that will radically alter the restaurant experience. Tabletop technology like tablets for ordering and payment have been touted as game-changers for restaurants, allowing for increased ordering and a more efficient waitstaff.  But, not everyone is sold on the revolutionary potential of […]

U.S. agriculture

China Says No More U.S. Agriculture: Business Casual

  Farmers in the United States got some bad news this week as the Chinese Commerce Ministry announced that China will no longer be buying American agricultural products. As the trade war between the U.S. and China continues to drag on, the growing question is whether or not American farmers can continue to endure it. […]

business casual

Business Casual: Google Takes on Amazon, Starbucks Tries Delivery, and the Telemedicine Argument (July 26, 2019)

  On the premiere of Business Casual, hosts Tyler Kern and Daniel Litwin recap the week that was in the business-to-business world. Hear from New York Times bestselling author Bryan Eisenberg who joins the show to discuss whether Google can compete with Amazon in the retail space. Eisenberg explains why price is not the only […]