Flawless Execution


Flawless Execution: Computing At The Edge

Edge computing – what is it? How does it work? Where does it apply? Tyler Kern discusses the possibilities and use cases with Bill Pfeifer, Edge Message Director of Dell Technologies. “At Dell, we define the edge as the place where data is acted on, near its point of creation, to generate immediate essential value,” […]

Flawless Execution: Breaking Down Liquid and Immersion Cooling

Data centers use a lot of power. Current microchips use about 200 watts and that power translates into thermal heat. Data centers are highly controlled environments. Heat and humidity cause damage and failures. On this episode of Flawless Execution: Delivering Innovation, the conversation focuses on the advantages of liquid cooling technology. “Liquid cooling, first and foremost, […]

Flawless Execution: The EU Lot 9 Standard — A Firmware Update and Review

Host of UNICOM Engineering’s Flawless Execution podcast, Tyler Kern, excitedly welcomed the show’s first guest, Mike Cantwell. As the global regulatory compliance manager with UNICOM, Cantwell is an expert on regulatory processes, including the European Union (EU) Lot 9. UNICOM works with many software companies to configure branded hardware and ship the finished product to […]